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How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android Instantly


Smartphones have taken up the World to a whole new level. Technology runs the whole World with its so amazing devices which have become an essential thing of everyone. Nowadays, one can not spend a day without using a smartphone. And why not? When you can get many of your routine things done within a smartphone, you all need to use them on a regular basic. In smartphones, basically there are two top giants available, Android and iOS.

Most of the people do own a smartphone which runs either on Android or on iOS. Well, if you are iOS user and recently owned an Android device, here’s something special for you. How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android on the go. The following tutorial will guide you on the same topic. Let’s get on to the tutorial!

Before moving further with the tutorial, there are a few requirements you need to be fulfilled in order to run the process. Here’s the list of all the required things in order to move ahead with the tutorial.

  • Proper Apple’s USB data Cable
  • iCloud’s updated version installed on your PC
  • Apple ID and its Password
  • Google ID and its Password
  • A PC or a Laptop connected with the Internet

These much things are required to go up with the process. Fortunately, the below process of transferring your contacts can be implements on Windows PC and Mac system respectively.

How To Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android Instantly

Step 1 :

Connect your iPhone to the PC or Laptop by using a proper Apple USB data cable. Once the device get connected successfully to the PC, make sure to launch iTunes on your PC.

You are using iPhone which means your PC has already installed iTunes software in it. If not, kindly follow the below link and download the latest version of iTunes from there. iTunes helps you to organize everything of your iPhone.

Step 2 :

You would have iTunes’ homepage on your screen. On the homepage you could see iPhone option at the extreme right corner of the same window. Click on to that option.

Step 3 :

After clicking on to the iPhone box, you will find many options in the next page. From all the given options, you need to select Sync Contacts option.

Step 4 :

At the extreme bottom side of the same page, you will see an option of moving contacts to, you need to enter your Android phone’s Google ID and Password in order to sync the contacts to your Google ID instantly. After setting up things, hit the Apply Button to run the process.

Step 5 :

If you have entered the same Google ID and Password which is being used on your Android smartphone, you need to wait for a few minutes or like say half an hour to let device sync all of your contacts itself. You don’t need to do anything in order to sync your phone’s data with the given Google ID and Password. Things will be done automatically.

Step 6 :

In order to add another Google ID or Password to your Android device, you need to follow the below given path.

Settings>> Accounts>> Google Accounts>> Add new account

Go to the main apps’ menu of your Android device and search for Settings icon. Hit the icon and you will see all the important settings options right there on the front page. Scroll down the page and you will find Accounts options from where you can add or delete current Google account from the device.

Step 7 :

One more thing I’d like to let you know is you can sync everything installed on your Android device manually. In order to do so, you need to follow this.

Settings>> Accounts>> Google

Go to the Settings option and search for Accounts options. Tap on to it and you will see all the preinstalled things with a Sync options. If you have added a few things to the Calendar app, you still can sync everything right from that same page. There you will find all the important things to be synced like Sync App data, Sync Calendar, Sync Chrome, Sync Contacts and pretty much everything. You need not to do anything just make sure to select the exact path of which you want to sync the data to a particular Google account. It’s pretty easy and anyone can make use of this process.

So folks, this was the simple way of transferring all of your iPhone contacts to a new Android device. Have you found it useful? Do share your views and opinions with us. Meanwhile, if you have found any questions or queries or even a doubt, feel free to let us know by putting it as a comment into the below given comment sections. We would like to interact with you regarding your queries, till then stay tuned with us and get useful tech updates right from us!

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