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The Top 3 Ways to Save Money


Instant gratification is typical of the modern world. And with human wants growing each day, the need to save is becoming more important than ever. Cutting expenses and tracking your spending are just some of the many ways to save money. Saving money ensures that your future financial security is planned and catered for.

Here are 3 great ways to help you save money:

Top 3 Ways of Saving Money

#1 Pay Yourself First

Pay yourself first each time you receive your paycheck. Designate a specific amount to pay yourself each pay day. Choose whatever amount you please or make it 10% of your salary. Before paying your bills or anyone else, pay yourself this amount each time you receive your paycheck. The converse doesn’t work for most people.

This method works to ensure you save each time you get your pay even if your budget is tight. Your savings grow irrespective of your financial troubles. Prioritizing your needs and paying yourself first also ensures that you work for yourself. As much as your job helps pay for your expenses and debts, you get to pay yourself first.

You go to work to earn money. You get to work every single day to earn money for yourself and take care of your family. Therefore, it’s only sensible to pay yourself first. And, when you pay yourself, you save that money.

#2 Invest in Uber Ride Shares

Uber ride shares are a great way to invest your spare cash as a way to save money while earning some good returns. Uber is a cab service running in almost every country across the globe. Actually, it’s an app that allows drivers to sign up and offer passengers private rides to their chosen destinations. It gives drivers an opportunity to earn some money.

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With customer service being an important aspect of Uber rides, there’s need to constantly improve it. Access the information available on Ride Ster to help you invest in Uber ride shares and save money. Visit for more information about index funds.

#3 A Savings Account

Use one to three savings accounts to grow your money. Consider a retirement, emergency and a major-purchase, savings accounts. Regularly set money aside to save for a car or house down payment or even for your retirement. If you don’t like the idea of having many savings accounts, one can do. It can double up as an emergency savings account; just ensure that your emergencies don’t occur often.

High interest accounts, credit union or bank savings accounts, term deposits, RRSPs, tax free savings accounts, mutual funds and other forms of investments can also help you save money. If you opt for a long-term investment, make sure you won’t need the money in the short-term. Learn to invest in index funds.

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