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Top 5 Toys For The Future In 2017


As kids, we were often provided with toys that helped to keep us entertained. The kids of the newer generation have toys that are not only focused towards keeping them entertained, but also have toys manufactured to educate them and spark their interest in various fields.

The Top 5 Toys For The Future In 2017:-


Parents will continue to purchase toys for their kids in a bid to keep their kids occupied. And, reports published by the firm, Juniper Research estimated the growth of annual smart-toy sales to grow to a $11.3 billion industry by 2020! Here are the top 5 toys for the future in 2017!

#1 Paw Patrol Action Pack Pup & Badge, RoboDog

The Paw Patrol Action Pack Pup & Badge, RoboDog can be played by both girls and boys. The RoboDog not only looks spectacular, but is also durable beyond belief. And, it certainly helps that the components of the toy including the limbs don’t break easily.

The toy possesses all the skills of the Paw Patrol; upon purchase, you are also provided with a badge that can be used to transform the RoboDog´s Pup Pack into wings! For more detailed information, read this best robot dogs and buying guide!

#2 Galaxy Zega Battle Tanks

Wouldn’t you want to play with toy tanks that can be controlled via smartphones? The Galaxy Zega Battle Tanks benefit tremendously from their smart design and it also helps that they can be controlled through both iOS and Android devices.

You can then fight it out on a wonderfully designed magnetic battlefield that you are provided with upon the purchase of the product. As you get better and unlock more skills, the strategies start becoming more complicated. Thus, this game can be enjoyed by both the young and adults.

#3 Kano Computer Kit

As its name suggests, the Kano Computer Kit is a kit which allows one to build his/her own computer. One is also provided with software along with the purchase of the kit.

Therefore, one will be able to start making music, gaming and programming with this toy kit. This toy works wonderfully in helping introducing young minds to the world of programming and building computers.

#4 CogniToys Dino

Future Toys

The CogniToys Dino is basically a dinosaur toy that talks. Since the product is connected to the Internet and functions on IBM Watson, it is capable of answering any questions and queries that can be posed by young kids.

This toy can also be used to crack jokes, sing, and tell stories to your kids. All that would be required for a child to do is to press the button located on the Dino´s tummy and ask away.

#5 Meccano Meccanoid G15 KS Personal Robot

Upon the purchase of this product, one is provided with 1,200 different parts that can be used to build a robot. Some of the parts that are provided include 8 motors, a brain, and LED eyes. After building it, one can get the robot to respond to instructions and mimic them however they see fit.

We should warn you that it takes a long time to construct the robot. However, you can rest assured knowing that it is worth the time and effort.

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