Top 7 Successful Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Business Website

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top successful ways to drive traffic to business website

If you are a business owner or marketing manager in a firm, you must have tried to research this topic. Given how digital marketing has become a defining feature of our times, the need to generate traffic can help in boosting a businesses’ fortune.

The thing is, a simple Google search on how to increase traffic throws up thousands of strategies. What brands and business owners need to know is that not all of them are workable!

More importantly, the algorithms of search engines keep changing and prioritizing different strategies. In other words, a strategy that was driving traffic last year might have already become redundant this year.

Every digital marketing strategy that you can pursue requires time, energy, and investments. This means that businesses that are willing to invest the above need to pursue strategies that offer the highest ROIs.

Businesses should look to get help from a digital marketing agency to help them implement strategies that will drive traffic.

In this resource article, we are going to shed light on seven successful ways to drive traffic to your business website. The best part about the article is that we have used these strategies ourselves to boost our traffic figures by more than 7x times in the last three months!

List of the Top 7 Successful Ways to Drive Traffic to your Business Website

#1 Keyword Research with a Content Strategy in Mind-

A lot of experts will tell you how doing keyword research for high-volume search terms can help in boosting traffic. This is true. However, if you want the best results from keyword research, you need to link it to a defined content strategy. Think of a content strategy as a pyramid and build a comprehensive network of related content pieces. This should be done both for a website’s blog section, as well as part of its Guest Posting strategies.

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#2 Social Media Traffic Builds Authority-

There are two major things that you need to know when it comes to social media. Firstly, search engines view traffic flowing in from social media as important markers of credibility. Secondly, social media has become an important part of human behavior. Search and discovery on social media have become second nature. If you can create engaging and exciting social media posts, you can expect audiences to click on the link and go to your business website.

#3 Targeted Guest Posting Drives Traffic-

Many brands make the mistake of prioritizing SERP rankings and only focussing on Link Building. This is a major mistake. Guest Posting is one of those 360-degree online strategies that can help you drive traffic, increase metrics, build visibility and establish trust. Lead from the content and its quality. Establish relationships with bloggers and publishers on high-traffic sites. You will see that a targeted guest posting strategy will help you drive website traffic.

#4 Forums, Communities, and Q and A Platforms are a Goldmine for Traffic-

If there is one thing search engines love, it is meaningful discussions and conversations on topics. What better way to point people in the right direction that are looking for solutions than be present on platforms like Quora, Reddit, Medium, Question Hub, Vocal Media, and others. These platforms are credible, genuine and are considered a high authority. If you can offer constructive solutions, the audiences will have no hesitation in following your brand links.

#5 Engage with a Defined Email Marketing Strategy-

Email Marketing continues to be one of the best ROI-driven online strategies today. If you are a business that maintains a database of prospects, you can easily write an enticing email copy with a subject line. Blasting it off to your database of more than 10000 people can help you build website traffic. Email Marketing requires a lot of hard work, especially when it comes to Subject Lines and Body Content. However, it can help you with strong web traffic.

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#6 Maintain an Active and Stellar Google My Business (GMB) Page-

In the pursuit of Off-Page SEO optimizations, do not forget your Local SEO. With Google focussing on SMEs, the key is to maintain an active and engaging GMB presence. Cater to your GMB pages in the same way you maintain your social media profiles. Have accurate information, build ratings and ensure you are requesting your customers for positive reviews. Everyone does a Google search about a brand and then clicks on the website button to explore.

#7 Modify and Repurpose Old Content on your Website-

Let us try to share a simple trick that can do wonders for your website traffic. If there is one thing Google loves, it is websites that are willing to do the hard work in modifying existing content and updating it. Business owners need to ensure that the new content that is being added has sufficient focus and long-tail keyword integrations. The fresher your content, the higher are the chances of it ranking. The higher it ranks, the more website traffic you can expect.

The Bottom Line

Generating website traffic might sound easy, but in reality, it is back-breaking work. The reason is that there are so many variables that you need to get right for the traffic to start flowing. By following the above-mentioned seven strategies, you can ensure that your site starts receiving targeted traffic that helps it boost its visibility, metrics, and sales!

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