Top 7 Stock Analysis Apps for 2021

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top stock analysis apps

You have been saving for a while now and the investment bug has bitten you. After doing your homework, you feel it is time to dip your toes in the stock market.

All your research seems to point to one fundamental truth: before you go all in, you need to analyze the stock market constantly to assess the trading data trends. You are no pro, so that is a real head-scratcher. You need research reports, and the best websites for stock research can help! These websites also offer charting tools and stock screeners. These tools can help you identify the best stock and help you build a successful portfolio.

Well, there is some good news! Like just about everything else these days, there are apps that can help you monitor and analyze stocks. Join us as we comprehensively pore over the top seven apps before crowning the best app for stock analysis.

Best apps for analyzing stocks

Although this is a relatively new player in the stocks market, they have stamped their authority in the market. It is currently one of the largest financial analysis websites.

This is a comprehensive app boasting all the information available on its main website. That means a charting, analysis tools, and a suite of more than 300,000 financial instruments.

Further, you get access to a personal portfolio screen where you can set alerts, track your investments and over 100,000 stocks, and get news from financial powerhouses.


  • Track commodities, futures, bonds, foreign exchange, and interest rates
  • Alerts for all the 100,000 financial instruments
  • Quick access to advanced charts, market quotes, earnings calendar, and technical summary
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  • The free option has ads that you can remove for $39.99 a year

Yahoo Finance

Simplicity is the name with the Yahoo app, but underneath that minimalist design is a ton of information that could help in the investment decision if you know how to work it.

It offers a potent mix of up-to-date market data and news, and a way to follow over 100 cryptocurrencies and trade stocks directly from the app. That includes videos from business leaders and market news shows.


  • Get breaking news on financial data and markets
  • Track the performance of any stock or index in real-time
  • Great for any investor, be it a beginner or expert


  • A lot of information unrelated to stocks
  • Mixes commodities and cryptocurrencies, which can get confusing


They are a trusted name in the financial space, so it was only natural to come up with an app. Their experience shines through as the app allows for account customization, which means you can filter out unnecessary content and receive information you need.

It is pretty powerful as you can get the latest information on stocks, commodities, bonds, and currencies from wherever in the world. Moreover, get exclusive access to breaking news on live TV from the peerless Bloomberg global financial team.


  • Simple and intuitive user interface (UI)
  • You can keep it laser-focused on stocks through the customization options
  • Stock graphs and summaries to help you in the investment journey
  • Create custom watch lists


  • Initially, there is too much information unrelated to stocks


This stocks app fuses a stock market news app with a nifty portfolio tracker. The result is one of the best stock trading apps that lets you trade in 28 stock markets globally, using local currency at the current exchange rate.

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Additionally, JStock lets you track companies you have an eye on while learning about the stock market. The app provides a simple way to find indices and top-notch stocks analysis, and customizable markets snapshots.


  • Cloud integration with OSX, Linux, and Windows, so you can back up your studies, portfolio, and watch lists
  • You can create an unlimited number of portfolios and watch lists on a 10-year stock price chart
  • Widgets for portfolios, watch lists, and world indices
  • Comprehensive information on stock dividends
  • Simplified portfolio featuring charts and graphs


  • No free option; you have to pay $7.99
  • No stock trading


You kind of expect plenty of freebies from an app bearing such a name, and it delivers in the form of zero fees to track and buy an exchange-traded fund (ETF) or stocks.

It is a simple app targeted at beginners, but you will not lack access to historical market data, graphs and charts, and financial market organization.

Cryptocurrencies is where Robinhood shines as it allows buying and selling cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.


  • Deposit and start trading straight away, no spreads or commissions charged
  • Simple notifications and research tools to breakdown market data
  • No account minimum


  • Research tools are too basic, and there are no trading or investing research tools

Stocks Tracker 

It is not just the real-time stock tracking that you will love; this app offers pre-market and after-hour quotes of global stocks, currencies, indexes, and futures and commodities.

You will appreciate the interactive chart on the stock screener with more than 50 technical indicators, daily charts, and 1-5 year charts. Additionally, you can access company news, portfolio monitoring, stocks earning information for the past six quarters, market signal scans, and advanced charts.

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  • Supports all major US brokers that you could trade with
  • Real-time quotes on currencies and indexes
  • Virtual paper trading with $50 monthly awards in prizes
  • Customizable alerts, portfolios, and multiple watch lists


  • Can have plenty of unrelated information


This app’s makers have fashioned it as the Twitter of stocks, combining a heady mixture of stock trading information and social media. You can learn a lot about stocks as it features real-time data, professionally curated stock lists, and charts to help gauge the market through technical analysis.

There is a thriving community of stock investment enthusiasts who share valuable information and insights, while the earnings calendar can help you prepare for upcoming events.

The app features forex and cryptocurrency trading.


  • Professionally made stock lists
  • Customizable message streams


  • You must have an account before you can use it
  • Ads

Best Stock Analysis App

That acclaim goes to the Bloomberg app, as few others can go toe-to-toe with the comprehensive, real-time information on stocks, commodities, bonds, and currencies worldwide.

Available on both iOS and Android, it offers unparalleled customization options, graphs, and stock summaries wrapped up in a pleasant user interface to ease your investment decision-making.

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