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Top 10 Safety Tips for Dating Sites


Everybody knows that nowadays, online dating has become an extremely convenient way to meet new people. However, you can torment yourself with the question, “Is it safe?” On the Internet, you can run into many stories about terrible scammers who took advantage of people in love or spooky stalkers who were spying on girls through a webcam, etc. That’s why we have decided to prepare 10 safety tips for online dating, following which you can start searching for pretty ladies online without any further ado and unnecessary worries.

Do not disclose your real name

Do not use your real name or surname as a username as well as do not rush to share this information while chatting on the Internet. You should be completely sure that you are communicating with a trustworthy person to provide them with such information. And if you can say your real name over time, then you should better continue to keep your surname a secret.

Tell someone else the details

After a long period of searching for Brazilian brides online, you’re ready for your first date with the Brasileira of your dreams. It’s time to finally meet the woman that has had you giggling over the phone for the past couple weeks. However, just before you rush off to that date, it’s important to tell someone else the details of the date.

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Whether it’s your roommate or your mum, let someone else know where you’re going and whom you’re going with. If possible, send them your date’s pictures as well. This way, if anything goes wrong, your loved ones will be able to locate you.

Do not indicate private info

Do not indicate any private info in the profile, for example, phone number, address, e-mail. Of course, everyone hopes that they will not run into scammers and that there is a bigger number of good people out there, but any intrusive behavior can still make your life complicated and unhappy.

Use different pics

Always use different pics for your social media. If you use the same photo, for example, on Facebook, people can easily track your life, using image search, especially if you don’t have privacy settings. Use instant messengers and social networks only if you are sure about the intentions of the person.

Create and use a new e-mail

It is better to create a new email address that contains fictional first and last name. When talking with a new Internet acquaintance, do not rush to give your private l information and permanent e-mail address to prevent any hidden activities.

Don’t share your social networks

Don’t rush to add your new acquaintance to your contact list on Facebook or start following them on Instagram. If you still want to do this, check your privacy settings and share only the certain info that cannot be used against you in any possible way.

Protect your webcam

Some people want to make sure that they are communicating with a real person, so they arrange a video chat before proceeding to offline meetings. However, your webcam can be used for malicious actions by advanced fraudsters. You can use 360 Total Security to protect your webcam during communication.

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Turn off your geolocation

Most dating apps allow you to find someone nearby. On the one hand, it can be useful, but on the other hand, it can be dangerous since you show your geolocation to the strangers. Don’t forget to turn off this function if you don’t look for anyone nearby.

Inform the support team about your suspicions

Trust-worthy dating sites do their best to protect their users from scammers. If you notice something suspicious, immediately inform the support team about that. They will appreciate your help in finding and preventing fraudsters on the site.

Don’t send your money

You should neither send your money nor provide your payment card details to people on dating sites. Check again the information that you’ve posted on your profile, maybe something attracts scammers there. Ignore requests for sending money. Often, scammers pretend to be employees of government agencies, charity associations, but none of the above will use the services of a dating site to contact you.

Check their photos

It is not superfluous to assume that the person with whom you are communicating on the site may be a scammer. No one can know that for sure! Use photo search services like Google or TinEye. Pay attention to such things as mistakes in words or inconsistencies in the information provided, as well as the insistent desire of your new interlocutor to meet face to face or get your info.

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