Top Realtors in Georgia You Must Know

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top realtors in georgia you must know

If you are looking for the best Realtors in Georgia for either selling a home or buying a home, then you must know that there are several top real estate companies in Georgia. Choosing the right agent can be a challenging task.

The importance of choosing the right agent cannot be undermined. Therefore, we have a ready list for you to set the right foot.


Compass Real Estate was formed in 2012 as Urban Compass, by Robert Reffkin and Ori Allon. The objective of the company is to focus on technology and replace real estate agents’ commissions with salaries and additional pay in the form of bonuses. This gives Compass an edge over the competitors. The company is known for its unique and fresh approach. They also have high-profile investors in their kitty, making them a lucrative startup venture.

Compass has become one of the largest real estate brokerages in the nation. As per the RealTrends report, Compass is the 4th biggest real estate brokerage in the country having more than 144,000 transactions in 2020. They focus on the luxury market and have garnered $151 billion in sales.

The focus of the company on technology allows them to assist clients, hire more employees to develop apps and software, and lead the growth of the company. Due to the machine learning capabilities and AI, the agents have better decision-making skills such as pricing homes, deciding the best time for a house sale, deciding which and when potential clients to target, etc.

Compass Real Estate plans to offer better services at a low price compared to the traditional agents. They aim to provide their agents with improved growth in terms of salary and bonuses.

Keller Williams

Keller Williams is a known real estate company in the country. They have more than 1000 offices and 183,000 agents. They have a large presence in Georgia. With more than 50 offices in Georgia in the Northern and Southern parts of the state, the firm has become one of the top real estate firms in Georgia.

Keller Williams is identified as a tech-enabled brokerage. They offer their agents the best and latest technology with deep training. If you hire a Keller Williams agent, then you can be assured that they have superior expertise to sell your home or help you find the house that you always wanted. They ensure dealing with their clients with a personal approach and this has helped them become one of the most esteemed and largest brokerages in the country.

Atlanta Communities

Another real estate company in Georgia, this realtor has more than 600 local agents with them. The brokerage company is an expert in providing the best services in both residential and commercial segments. They have 7 office locations that take care of the entire community. If you have a house in Metro Atlanta, then Atlanta Communities can help you with a local experience.

The brokerage firm excels in adopting the latest technology and subject knowledge that helps them render the finest quality services. Though the services provided are quite professional by them, when it comes to dealing with clients, the company prefers a casual behavior with a personal touch to make the clients comfortable.

Prevu Real Estate

Prevu is a discount real estate brokerage that has locations in various parts of the country. Since the company offers significant commission rebates to home buyers and low listing fees for sellers, it has become quite popular in Georgia. However, you might have to compromise on things like limited agent selection, less service compared to traditional realtors in Georgia, and more. The company provides services as per your price point and condition of the home. When you seek Prevu services, you get a commission rebate of up to 2% of the purchase price.

Choosing the right agent is one of the key things that affect your home selling and buying experience. Home sellers save a lot with Prevu services as they are charged low listing fees of 1.5% compared to the traditional agent commission of 2 to 3%. Prevu is worth considering especially when you have a higher-priced home. However, if you are buying or selling a lower price tier and need specialized expertise for your unique property case, then you can go for some other realtor. If you are thinking about how to sell a house by owner in Georgia, then Prevu can help you.

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Berkshire Hathaway is a known real estate company. Operating as one of the largest real estate companies in Georgia, the company has a long list of clients. The company has been in the industry since 1998. Most often, the company focuses on luxury listings in the Georgia and Atlanta area. If you have a bigger house to sell or buy, then you can go for Berkshire Hathaway services for your real estate dealing.

Berkshire Hathaway agents use the innovative and latest technology. This makes them highly skilled professionals. The company is also known for providing brilliant customer service. The firm has several best real estate agents who are learned, licensed, trained and experts in their field.

Harry Norman

One of the oldest and largest real estate firms in the Atlanta area is Harry Norman. Since the firm is in business since 1930, they have garnered a rich experience in its field and added various experienced and expert real estate agents. They have established themselves as one of the leading Atlanta real estate companies.

Due to their wealth of information, use of latest technology, seamless information passed on to their clients, matching their unique needs, and more, they are one of the best options. Whether it is new construction, a luxury house, or a resale, Harry Norman will always be there to help you.

Glen Cornwell –

Glen Cornwell is one of the full-service realtors in Georgia that effortlessly answers your question of “How to list on MLS”. They have 20 years of experience in the industry. Licensed to do business in 5 states and an experience selling more than 1000 properties in the last few years makes them quite a popular choice. The team caters to luxury homes, relocations, short sales, new construction, etc.

As per Zillow, Glen Cornwell has an amazing track record of sales with 183 sales in the past year. Affiliated with the online technology platform Houzeo and Cornwell Properties, Glen Cornwell serves both buyers and sellers to make real estate transactions easier for them.

You can learn more about the listing service on Houzeo Reviews.

Sale By Owner (FSBO) is a great option for experienced sellers who can dedicate enough time and effort to sell the home. You can search Houzeo to know how to sell a house by owner in Georgia.

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