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The Top 3 New Technologies For Seniors to Try


Smart technologies have made the lives of people all over the world easier and more convenient. Smart technology is an innovation of the 21st century that all people are able to incorporate into their everyday lives. A specific group of people that can especially benefit from smart technology is seniors. If you are a senior and are looking into smart technology to incorporate into your life, this post will detail the top 3 products that will make your life more enjoyable, easier, and ultimately safer.

The Best Technologies to Make Senior’s Lives Better

An expert from a community that specializes in independent senior living in NJ pointed out that seniors should consider smart technology because it can greatly improve their quality of life in their golden years. With that being said, here are the top 3 smart products you should think about getting.

Smart Home Appliances

Smart home appliances are great to have around the house for seniors that want to be able to get things done by using an app on their mobile device. Some examples of smart home appliances that seniors should invest in are listed below.

#1 Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is any kind of lighting that can be manipulated by an app on one’s phone. Seniors should consider smart lighting systems because it will eliminate the need for them to get up and down often which may be challenging for those that have to need mobility assistance or have just had some kind of surgery.

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Smart lighting is also great for seniors because they can turn the lights on before entering a dark room. Many seniors injure themselves while walking around in the dark or on their way to turn on the lights; smart lighting now offers a solution to this issue which could potentially save some senior’s lives and their quality of life.

#2 Smart Kitchen Appliances

Senior homeowners can control the time and temperature of the food or drinks they want to make by purchasing smart kitchen appliances and hooking them up to apps found on their phones. Some smart kitchen appliances for seniors to consider include:

  • A smart coffee pot
  • A smart air fryer
  • A smart crockpot

#3 Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats give seniors the opportunity to turn down the heat or air when they leave the house, and then back up when they are on their way home via an app on their phone. Seniors will no longer have to waste money and energy heating or cooling their home when they aren’t there. They also won’t have to get up and down to change the temperature; this is an outstanding benefit for seniors that have trouble getting around or require mobility assistance.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs are increasing in popularity for people of all ages. Smart TVs give people the power to stay connected to the outside world on the same device that they watch their favorite shows and movies on. Seniors especially can benefit from owning a smart TV because of the copious capabilities it has. Some of the things a smart TV can do (in addition to providing entertainment) that will help seniors include:

  • Allow seniors to access the internet
  • Video chat capabilities
  • Live stream capabilities
  • Store pictures and videos
  • Allow seniors to make phone calls
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Because of all of the things a smart TV can do, seniors will not have to purchase and learn how to use various devices to stay connected to friends and family. Instead, they can learn how to use one device and make only one large investment.

Smart Watches

Almost every adult has some version of a smartwatch. These watches have countless benefits; specifically benefits for aging adults. Some of those benefits include:

  • Heart rate tracker
  • Ability to check and track vital signs
  • Ability to easily call 911
  • Calorie and activity tracker
  • Large print so seniors can easily see time and notifications
  • Reminders and alarms

These benefits can keep seniors safe and healthy, making the smartwatch an important smart product for aging adults.

Take Advantage of Smart Products

Whether you are a senior yourself, or you have seniors in your life, it will be worth your while to stay up to date on the latest technologies, specifically smart technologies. Whether it’s a smart home appliance or a smart accessory, every smart product will enhance your overall life. Consider one of these smart products as your next big purchase.

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