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The Top 5 Most Common Myths About Slot Machine


Everyone loves to play slots, and there is a wide range of games with attractive themes and features on offer to impress all the gamblers. There are a lot of people, who have plenty of misconceptions about how the slot performs when the payouts are given, and tricks and tips to land the identical symbols on a payline. You might have also come across people vouching for when the machine could give out a certain payout, the number of spins it would take to hit a win and so on. To be frank, there are no tips and tricks that would help you achieve a win and everything is based on complex arithmetic calculations.

Most of the casinos use of the Random Number Generator tool to give out an outcome for spinning. Every game in a casino gives the house an edge. But, the online and the land-based casinos that are regulated and licensed by the authorised licensing commission also ensures that it is possible for the players to gain wins and sometimes even hit the jackpots.

Mike Koss, reviewer from gathered the following most common myths and misconceptions that are doing the rounds in the minds of the first-time and amateur players.

Myth 1: Slots Pay at Fixed Times

Many of the regular slot fans would tell you that there are people who wait for a certain number of people to try their hand out on the machine and then play their chances at appropriate times. This is why they are able to enjoy wins. Well, this is absolutely baseless, and such a thing cannot take place in an online casino. The slots are designed to offer a payout based on the probability that is developed by Random Number Generator. There is no way one can predict when a spin might hit the jackpot prize as everything happens in a random manner. There is no set sequence on when and how the machines can dish out huge payouts.

Myth 2: Hot and Cold Slot Machines

There are a lot of slot enthusiasts who believe that certain machines are rigged and you will lose more often than win in those machines. If this is found to happen, it could be purely by chance, and there is no truth in it at all. There is no way casinos could do this as the slots are designed and manufactured by the gaming software developers. The online gambling machines are developed by the big guns in the online gambling software industry. The return to player percentage cannot be altered by any casino. In fact, playing the machines with a higher return to a player percentage gives the player better chances of hitting a prize.

Myth 3: Only Skilled Players Can Win Big

There are many slot enthusiasts who say that only certain people have the upper hand while playing any of the slot titles. In fact, they believe that luck is always on the side of the skilled and experienced gamblers. Well, it is totally baseless. The key here is that the players who spend a lot of time playing their favourite slots will get to know the game in and out. They will be surely having a better reading of its play than the first time gamblers. The regular players always have a slightly better chance to gain wins than the newbies.

Myth 4: There Are No Ways to Improve the Chances of Winning

Once a player finds that he/she is losing more money rather than winning during the gameplay, he/she tends to believe that there are no other ways to improve the odds. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they look to bet with a higher stake in a bid to win the big prize. Betting with the maximum stake per spin needs to be done only a limited number of times in a slot machine. It is very important to pick gambling machines that offer better chances of winning than others. The slots with smaller jackpots offer better chances of winning more money while spinning the reels. Also, betting with smaller wagers gives the player more options to win.

Myth 5: Avoid Slots That Have Dished out Jackpots

The slot that you are going to try has recently awarded a bettor with a jackpot. The slot machine fans will tell you not to play in such gambling machines as the chances of hitting the jackpot once again is very slim in the near future. This is a misconception, and nothing of this sort happens. Each and every spin is an isolated and random one, and its result comes out randomly and not according to any plan.

The above-mentioned myths can be taken out of your mind when you look to play the slots of your choice online.

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