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Top 10 Messaging Apps for Android, iPhone & iPad


Smartphones have become a very common thing now days which could be seen in everybody’s hands. Helping us in almost each and every part, they have changed our way of living from talking to messaging. Whether it is iPhone or an Android device, we have been introduced to new methods of conversing and have almost eradicated the old SMS service. So we have brought to you top 10 Messaging apps for Android, iPhone and iPad that could replace your traditional SMS easily.

Top 10 Messaging Apps for Android, iPhone & iPad

There are a lot of applications available on the App store of the respective Operating Systems, which could be used in place of SMS service that was very famous some time back. These applications mostly use your data connection for messaging purpose and allow the user to send more than just text messages to their family and friends for free. So top 10 messaging apps for Android, iPhone & iPad are:



WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application available in the stores which sends messages as well as files from your phone to other WhatsApp phones using your data or Wi-Fi. It works on your Mobile number and if free for first year, then it costs $0.99 per year.

2. Kik Messanger


Kik Messanger is another brilliant messaging app for Android and iOS which allows the user to send photos, music text messages etc. to other Kik users. Along with that Kik offers certain extra features like downloading and creation of emoticons and making use of Kik ID rather than mobile number etc.



Skype is one of the most known as well as video calling mobile application all also allows the user to send messages to other Skype users. Being available on both Android and iOS operating system, the application is now a part of the Microsoft family.

4. Facebook Messenger


Facebook messenger is another very popular messenger used by people all over the world. Have a very huge user base, the app can also connect to your Facebook account and allows you to send Facebook messages too.



SnapChat is a simple messaging application which became very popular in a very short period of time because of its innovative method of photo sharing. Whenever you send a photo to any other person on Snapchat, the pic does not remain there for long. It is visible to the receiver for ten seconds at max and then deletes automatically from everywhere. Similar to other messaging applications, users can share more than text messages on Snapchat.



IM+ is a bit different from other messaging application because it is not a dedicated messaging application. Instead it is an aggregation of a lot of user account including Facebook, Skype, Gmail and a lot more. The contact list is arranged according to the account type and you can send messages to anyone on their respective accounts.

7. Twitter


Twitter is not just a messaging application, but it is a combination of the social networking app as well as the twitter messenger. The application is capable of doing everything that a user does on the website.

8. Line


Line is a very famous messaging as well as a voice calling application available on iOS and Android which also possess gaming and social networking features. Apart from sending messages to line users, you can also play games on the application online with your Line friends.

9. Viber


Viber has been published by Piggybacks and is one of the most used messaging application by both Android as well as iOS users. The user can make phone calls on viber without any cost and can also send SMS which are not a part of your mobile network’s calling plan.

10. Text Now


TextNow offers its user free voice calling on other user who has been using the application. It is another great messenger by Piggybacks that gives each user a unique number for calling and text messaging.

So these were the top 10 messaging apps for Android, iPhone & iPad that you should try on your Smartphones in order to discover more than simple text messaging.

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