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Top Advantages Of Timekeeping You Must Know To Monitor Employees


As we have repeatedly said, software complexes for accounting and control of employees’ working hours are useful not only for the employer, but also for the employees themselves. This is exactly the tool that allows to increase productivity, and thus, profit.

The first advantage is the calculation of wages. You can see how many people have worked, how much time he really spent. You can always draw a conclusion about the effectiveness of his work. Does he have time to do everything? If not, then why? Does he fill in the time sheet himself? Now it is not necessary. However, do not forget that different departments have different specifics of work and do not measure only the amount of time spent. The first place should be given to timely completion of tasks.

The second advantage is working time analytics. Once you get it, you can calculate how much time an employee spends on a particular task. Monitask also has an interaction scheme between employees and departments. And when you combine this data, you can schedule work on any project. And you can set clear and realistic deadlines that you can realistically handle. A job done on time always works for your reputation.

The third advantage is that you clearly track the reasons why employees are unable to complete their tasks on time. Do they sit on the Internet and if they do, which sites? At work or looking at funny pictures? Or do they spend a lot of time communicating in messengers? Do they bring movies on a flash drive to watch during working hours? Employee monitoring software will demonstrate everything and you can always decide. In addition, knowing that their activities are watched, employees and themselves will begin to be more attentive to their work.

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In general, the whole issue of identifying “lost” time goes into the money plane. That is, every time you find wasted time, or by analyzing the employee’s work and identifying his strengths, you can organize your work more efficiently, reducing the time required to complete tasks to the minimum necessary. Saved time is money saved.

Moreover, the fourth advantage will be the employees’ own evaluation of their work. During the day, we perform small routine tasks. One of these tasks is mail checking and parsing. By tracking the time you spend every day on this procedure, you’re likely to be unpleasantly surprised by the amount of time it takes. Planning in advance the mail checking periods and their duration allows you to guess the extra time for the right job.

And finally, the last advantage – you don’t care where the employee works, in the office or at home, you can always control what he does, he wasted his time on work today? And if something is wrong, you can always tell him about it. The program presents everything in a clear form (Monitask is 100%, we won’t guarantee the rest), so it takes 5 minutes.

As you can easily see – monitoring of employees is full of benefits and is part of the business that allows you to improve productivity, save money and grow.

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