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Top 8 Healthy Junk Food To Munch On


Wherever you are or whoever you are, seeing junk food you will definitely get a craving for it. Most of the person leave every thought behind and jump on the food ignoring the fact that the food is unhealthy for their body.

So, we have created a list for you to eat the listed food which is healthy plus give you that same junky feel:

#1 Tortilla Chips

When compared to the other potato chips, Tortilla chips tends to have less fat and calories. The Tortilla chips are baked, unlike the potato chips which are deep fried. Also, on one hand where Potato chips include potatoes, on the other, Tortilla chips come from corn. It is also found that Tortilla chips have 40% less oil than potato chips. The chips are very thin with less cholesterol and free from trans-fat.

You can buy tortilla chips by using Big Basket Coupons and enjoy the movies with them on long weekends. Say no to salty, crunchy chips and befriended with Tortilla chips.

#2 Dark Chocolate

If you are the chocolate lover who can get its craving anytime whether day or night, then you must make Dark Chocolate as your new friend. Unlike, milk chocolates and others with plenty of sugar, Dark chocolate is having less sugar and is rich in iron plus fiber.

Though you won’t be able to get along with the taste of Dark chocolates in initial stages, still if you make habit of it, you will find them amazing. Also, if you are having some quality dark chocolate, you will not be able to have it in one go. Many of these chocolates are available to buy at good rates with Grofers Coupon.

#3 Popcorns

Popcorns are best for you while binge-watching TV series or movies on long weekends. These light whole grain things can be eaten in bulk with no adverse effect on the body. It can help you control butter and oil intake. Moreover, Chilli powder and Cinnamon sugar can act as excellent toppings for them.

#4 Salsa

Using other creamy counterparts might have many adverse effects than Salsa dips. We all know chips and salsa are like the brother in arms for many years now. Salsa is full of vegetables and can boost lycopene from the tomatoes plus give excellent taste. The Salsa dips are available on Big Basket.

#5 Greek Yogurt

Say no to cheesecake and jump to greek yogurt filled with fruits like strawberries and blueberries. You can easily get Greek yogurt from Big Basket which will help you build metabolism by building muscles. The Greek yogurt is having 23 grams of protein in one cup serving at least.

#6 Oatmeal cookies

If you are thinking to have a cookie, go for an oatmeal cookie which has many health benefits. Loaded with lots of fiber and minerals like calcium and iron, an oatmeal cookie is way better than a regular cookie. Moreover, if it gets a touch of nuts or dry fruits, the cookie fiber, protein, and good calorie count go way up. You can easily get the oatmeal cookies to pack from any of the stores like Grofers and Big Basket.

#7 Sweet Potato chips

Instead of french fries, you can try out sweetly baked potato chips. Choosing sweet potato over regular potato has tons of benefit especially when it comes to french fries. Though you will get the same amount of calories, the vitamin and fiber intake will count up way more.

You can make sweet potato chips at home- Just bake the sliced sweet potato with olive oil at 220-degree Celsius until they turn to light brown color. You can get order sweet potatoes and olive oil from Big Basket or Grofers and try the recipe at home.

#8 Baked apples

You might be wondering there is no such thing called baked apples. Baked apples are the perfect alternatives to Apple pie. To make the recipe, bake an apple and top it with 2 tablespoons of low-fat plain yogurt with cinnamon. You can order plain yogurt from Grofers and Big Basket. The recipe will give you same classic taste with healthy eating.

Healthy eating is a must for a healthy lifestyle. So, next time you get the junk food cravings, try the above foods and have the same taste with healthy nutrients intake

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