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The Top 5 Strange Things That Are Useful To Society


The way of life is changing fast thanks to scientific breakthroughs which have made things better. But that has not happened without ups and downs. If our ancestors visited the earth once again, they would be in shock with what man has managed to do so far. Man has traveled to the moon and made great inventions in the field of medicine. Man has also developed many things that look natural such as Synthetic Urine. This article samples the top things that are strange but which have been useful successfully in society.

#1 Use of opium

Use of opium as medicine dates back to the times of US civil war. The substance was injected into the vein to sort out several issues. It solved issues like sexual exhaustion, hysteria, and homesickness. It was also believed to heal cracked nipples and stop vomiting during pregnancy. Today, opium provides ingredients that are used in the manufacturing of modern medicine.

#2 How surgery has evolved

Surgery is not a new practice in the medical world. It was practiced in ancient times. The only problem is that during that time, those who practiced it did not have the right equipment to use. For instance, holes were drilled in the head. It was meant to help cure headaches, mental illness, and dementia. Also, bloodletting was a common phenomenon during that period. Doctors opened veins to drain blood but did not know when to stop it. In some cases, leeches were used to drain blood. These treatments exposed the patient to a lot of pain but made them feel better.

#3 Carrying out capital punishment in public

During medieval times, it was common for criminals to be executed in public. It was meant to send home the message that crime will not be entertained. On the day of execution, the authority declared public holidays to increase attendance. Decapitation was another common form of punishment for men and women. It took several blows for the objective to be achieved. An axe or a sword was used to do the job. After the punishment, it was observed that law and order prevailed in that town for some time. This is exactly what the modern courts are doing to contain crime.

#4 Body snatchers

Once a relative dies, it is common for people to congregate. The idea is to raise money to spend in honouring departed souls. In the renaissance times, no sooner had the corpse of the departed relative buried than it was exhumed. Body snatchers would dig up the grave at night, and steal the bodies and any other valuable items. They would later sell the bodies to anatomist to dissect, use them as teaching specimens and research. In some cases, corpses were even snatched from processions.

#5 The role of women

During the ancient times, the biggest role women played in society was to produce children. During those days, infant mortality was high. So, to increase the chances of survival, a woman was required to have as many children as possible. Women gave birth to between 12-20 times. Midwives received their training from women of the previous generation.

Some of the things look bizarre, but they have shaped the modern world. The advanced medicine we enjoy today and the prevailing rule of law are some of the examples. They are the fruits of the things that happened in the medieval and renaissance times.

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