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The Top 5 Drones On The Market In 2022


Even for no apparent reason, lots of people buy drones or quadcopters. Yet, some settle for low-quality types not knowing it will cost them more in the long run. With the increasing interest in this newest raved about tech toy, it is not surprising that many makes and models start mushrooming in the market, making drone buyers susceptible to poor performing options that somehow defeats the purpose of owning one. Stellar aerial shots can turn into a less-stunning picture that just doesn’t make the cut in present general photography standards.

Needless to say, if you want a decent quality drone, you need to pay for it. You get what you pay for. However, for those who don’t know what they’re looking for, the same principle may just be their pitfall. Excellent quality drones are easy to find, yet there are still many who fail to find them.

The Top 5 Drones On The Market In 2017:-

Among the many drone models on the market, a few stand out from the rest. Here are some of them:-

#1 DJI Mavic Pro:-

The DJI Mavic Pro is one of the most glorified drones in today’s market. Also dubbed as the Swiss knife of drones, it has all the amazing features everyone wants for their tech toy. It is also treated by many as the Mini Phantom 4. This small tech tool might raise eyebrows at first sight, but it is greatly capable for a camera drone. It is perfect for both professionals and beginners. Check out the Full DJI Mavic Pro Review.

#2 Dji Phantom 4 Pro:-

In terms of performance, the Phantom 4 is considered the most innovative. Its speed and reliability appall many, and its HD video live streaming capability remains unmatched in today’s market. Phantom 4’s main feature is the 3D cameras and new computer hardware for obstacle-free mapping in three-dimensional space.

#3 Dji Inspire 2:-

Top Drone Cameras

This drone has become pretty popular among the tech community primarily due to its innovative design that looks like it was taken out from a sci-fi movie. Among ready-to-fly drones on the market, Inspire 2 boasts of being the fastest, smartest, most excellent quality and so professional that there isn’t much it can’t do. It flies as 60MPH with a 5.2k camera on a 360-degree panning gimbal and a dedicated FPV.

#4 Yuneec Typhoon H:-

Yuneec may be a not-so-known brand, but its Typhoon H is an amazing performer that it is considered the closest competitor of the Phantom 4 in terms of performance. It comes with a 6 rotor retractable landing gear base and a 360-degree gimbal with 20 minutes of flying time, obstacle avoidance and decent video quality. The Typhoon H flies very smooth which many people likes.

#5 3DR Solo:-

When it comes to being user-friendly, the 3DR solo is perhaps on top of the list and it is extremely functional, as well. With features similar to the Phantom 3, aside from using the GoPro Hero 4 instead of a built-in camera, it is considered a decent performer. The main difference it has from other models is that it can be upgraded and can still be easy to use.

Final Thought On Top 5 Drones On The Market In 2017:-

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