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7 Tools You Need For Building An Effective Training Course


If you spend way too much time in organizing the training schedule for your trainees,

If your employees are not interested in learning from the course that you created based on extensive research,

If your employees don’t seem to retain anything from their training just after a weak,

Then you might not be putting enough technology to use while creating eLearning training courses for your people.

For starters, it takes a cocktail of right tools that build an effective course. Even though the content still forms a significant chunk of the course, its representation is vital as well.

Read on.

Training tools for Performance Support

  • Whatfix: For the businesses which are using customized business applications or platforms like Salesforce, Whatfix is an electronic tool that allows you to extend in-app support for your team.With Whatfix at your aid, you wouldn’t require to update the initial training content required for your business applications every time there is a big update.Also, this tool allows you to provide just-in-time support to your team in the form of quick and concise guides that help them to implement their learnings contextually. In this way, they do not create any gap between their training and its implementation and hence, are able to retain the knowledge better.
  • Ontuitive: The most effective way of training is when you provide appropriate at the right time. Ontuitive helps you in achieving precisely that. Regardless of the level of training, it makes only the relevant learning resources available to each employee, which helps in creating a focussed approach to training.

Training tools for Microlearning

Microlearning is a training/learning concept based on the approach of providing only targeted information to the trainees in smaller chunks. This ensures longer retention of knowledge and better understanding.

  • Axonify: This microlearning platform is known for providing an adaptive learning experience. It allows you to build your courses in small sections that only take a few minutes of the trainee’s time to learn. This kind of approach ensures higher engagement and motivation from trainees. You can also use this platform for assessing your employees’ progress.

Multimedia software

For every excellent training course, creating and using appropriate multimedia like images and videos is vital.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Today, the world relies more on experience-based learning than anything else. That’s why there is a surge in VR learning platforms. One such tool is Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which allows you to create and edit 180 and 360° Videos to give the users a more immersive, engaging experience.
  • Jing: This screencasting software gives you the ability to capture any screen for creating visual guides and training material. So if you want to demonstrate something clearly without being in the video yourself, this is a great tool.

Authoring tools

Authoring tools help you build the base requirement of any eLearning course – Content. While some tools might provide more functionalities than others, they all work to increase your efficiency while creating an eLearning course.

  • Elucidat: This multi-platform tool helps you in creating amazing eLearning courses in HTML5 markup. Loaded with themes, templates, and layouts, Elucidat enables you to build highly interactive and customized learning courses. It also provides communication and collaboration channels for you to work with multiple content developers.
  • Raptivity: This is a robust content creation platform that helps in building eLearning courses rapidly because it comes with a wide range of in-built templates and themes. Raptivity even supports formats like Flash and HTML5, which allows learners to access it from their mobiles.With Raptivity, you also get media toolkits through with you can make your own graphics like buttons, icons, images, etc. It is one of the best authoring tools for enterprises as well as SMBs and other educational institutes.


You might need to do some research before creating the perfect concoction of supporting tools to create a better eLearning training course, however, once you get all the technology at your dispense, it will become a cakewalk. While there are many advanced LMS available, having the support of specialized tools such as above is added benefit.

If you have any other modern tools to add to this list, please let us know in the comments.

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