A List Of Tools That Will Help Make Writing Your Next Book A Seamless Process

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We’ve come a long way; from using writing tools such as wood, stone, and parchment, we created everlasting worlds with pen and paper. Gradually, we evolved to using typewriters, and finally, computers. Nevertheless, writing is still no cakewalk.

Fortunately, as we have advanced, so have our writing tools.

Irrespective of being a new writer or a professional one, you will require creative writing tools that can help you accomplish your writing goals. These tools can save time and efforts that you can instead use to think creatively. Today, as a storyteller, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing tools that can make the book-writing process much more comfortable.

If you’re wondering how to write a book, then this article is for you. The following is a detailed list of practical and handy tools that you can use to your advantage.

Writing Tools

Apart from the evident Microsoft Word and Google Docs, there are quite a few word processors out there that you may be unaware of but are free and worth checking out before you begin writing your book.

Reedsy Book Editor

Is there a better way to write a book than in the exact way it would be published? The Reedsy Book Editor is an online word processor that formats your text as you keep writing for free! This way, your drafts transform into a professional, ready-to-publish manuscript automatically.

Giving yourself a glimpse of how your work would look like in the final stage can help you write better by keeping your focus on the audience and motivates you to write faster!

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Being a writer can muddle your mind. Isn’t it nice to have an assistant to remind you about something you may have forgotten to do during the process? Well then, you’re in luck because Draft is here to the rescue!

Draft is an online word processor with a user-friendly interface that keeps track of how many words you write every day. It is also equipped to send you an overview of your daily word count goals through email. Moreover, this free tool has similar functionalities to that of Google Docs, allowing you to track changes, suggest edits, and leave comments on the draft.


Word processing isn’t the only tool that you’ll have access to with Mellel. Through several book-specific functionalities than any other writing tool, such as the capability to create bibliographies and to outline, Mellel is bound to make the writing process more pleasant with a price tag.

This effective tool is your go-to if you’re a Mac user and if you don’t mind shelling out a few bucks for a smooth writing experience.


It isn’t rocket science to convert your book into an eBook. Software like Word and Scrivener can all make eBooks.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they would look good. It takes quite a lot of effort and skills to create an eBook on a regular word processor, and that’s where Vellum comes into play.

It creates eBooks that are visibly great with the added option to preview, giving you the chance to see how the edits or formatting changes that you make will turn up on Kindle, Fire, iPhone, and other eReaders. Additionally, this book writing software provides option-based formatting to design your eBooks with ease.

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Organization Tools

When writing, it is essential to have notes or outlines to refer to when you hit a wall. The resources listed below will help you keep your ideas and thoughts organized so that you may jump straight over a writer’s block.


This creative writing app is easy to navigate when it comes to organizing your ideas, characters, research, and outline on one platform. Most writing software is built around the concept of creating a book in a linear document. However, most writers wo uld beg to differ because “thinking” is far from being linear.

Writing a book is about slowly getting a hodgepodge of ideas into making sense, and Milanote aligns with the way a writer thinks.


Evernote is an excellent option for writers who could do with some effortless organization in the process. It helps you jot down ideas and thoughts, save online articles, and record audio notes for future references. Sync your data across all devices with Evernote and create shared accounts to offer access to saved documents on the go for collaborative writing efforts.


This popular writing tool allows writers to transform fragmented thoughts and ideas into a complete book through its unified organizational capabilities. With a one-time licensing fee, Scrivener is an absolute favorite for writers who require visual aid with respect to outlining; and thereby, helping you pin notes onto a board in chronological order.

It offers versatile templates for different works, such as fiction, screenplays, essays, and comic books. Scrivener is a great choice to manage all your work for a book on one comprehensive platform.

Editing Tools

It is pivotal to ensure that your book is thoroughly edited if you’re planning to publish for a profit. While working with a professional editor is a recommended investment, here are a few editing tools that can assist you along the way.

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With several handy features like an automatic readability score and word-counter, the Hemingway app offers invaluable suggestions to refine your content. It highlights complex sentences, usage of passive voice, adverbs, and qualifiers that stand in your way to writing clear and crisp content for your readers.


Avoid glaring typos with the useful functionalities of Grammarly! Like the spell-checker tools from other word processors, Grammarly works wonders by easily integrating with other software and platforms that you are using to write through a simple plug-in. Additionally, it offers vocabulary suggestions to ensure that you can express yourself better while writing.


Proofread and spell-check your work on any platform effortlessly with ProWritingAid. As a tool that is tailor-made for authors, it offers suggestions to enhance your overall language. It lends a helping hand while polishing and editing your draft.

What are you waiting for?

None of the writing software on this list will write your book for you. It begins by gradually recording ideas, characters, and their traits, and storylines that you want to focus on with the help of the right tool.

Every professional writer has a characteristic style, and with it, a preferred set of writing tools that not only makes the process easier for them but also sets the environment for them to write better.

So, go ahead and put these writing tools to good use to show the world what you’ve got!

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