5 Tools to Build a Powerful Ecommerce Website

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tools to build powerful ecommerce website

Many builders provide basic capabilities to create an online store. But for online business to be successful, you need to get something more. The basic offers are a template, the ability to indicate positions and evaluate a product. This is the reason why they received a beautiful store, but the sales are not high. If you need to hire an ecommerce web developer then this article is for you.

Wix – The best eCommerce templates with a simple management system

You can create a Wix electronic resource by choosing one of several dozen templates. The drag and drop editor allows you to customize any part of the site as it is the most easily customizable builder.

Many features can be added, including for enhancements, blog, contact forms, galleries, and more. Provides the ability to manage all aspects, track orders, set up an abandoned cart email newsletter. Some features come with the template, while others can be found in the app store, including electronic payment systems, carriers, dropshipping.

Squarespace – unique templates for online stores

All templates allow you to be sure that the resource will become successful, because everyone is attractive, encourages you to place an order right here. Functionality also enhances the first impression. It is possible to create small and medium enterprises with a unique design. It seems that templates cannot be spoiled, no matter what you do during the setup process. The user gets a setup guide, free editing.

All pages are available for settings, including products, you can add blocks of content, text, images and many other information. If you don’t like any of the templates, you can add your own pages by clicking the mouse several times. Many functions are offered. The product management tools are robust, and you can perform many common tasks, including tracking an item, customizing item descriptions. But there are no such functions as editing products. It also has the following functions:

  • establishment of discounts, categories and specific goods;
  • contacting major carriers to obtain shipping costs;
  • you can customize the pages where the order is placed;
  • lists of goods out of stock;
  • accompanying items are indicated.
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The advantage is the built-in email marketing tools, the ability to set up automatic sending of emails.

BigCommerce is an option for large online stores

There are better tools here to manage products, but it is inferior in other types of pages. This is a great option for large resources that regularly replenish their assortment and sell a lot of products. There are also some features that other constructors lack. But it will take a lot of time to set up, but it will be worth it if you are going to offer a wide range.

There are many templates, homepage layouts and other categories on offer. There is no complete freedom in design editing, secondary pages cannot be customized, so they can appear unremarkable. But this is not as important as the ability to sell a lot. The resource owner can easily manage many hundreds of positions.

Volusuon is a great option for selling multiple items

The designer does not provide some features, such as the ability to blog, extensive customization options. But this is the best option if you want to get the pages of an online store, and in the future you are not going to make major changes to the template. There is a large selection of templates suitable for different industries, which makes up for the lack of customization.

The interface of product variants allows the user to make several variants for one item, evaluate, place images for any combination. It is possible to easily track the goods.

WordPress – for those who are interested in international trade

Through the builder, you can launch sites through the built-in store functions or install the WooCommerce plugin. You can manage products by options, calculate taxes automatically, and accept electronic payments in different ways. Direct communication with suppliers is provided.

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