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Tools, Gadgets, & Accessories to Stop Your Child’s Bad Habits


The modern world is full of distractions, neuroses, and problems. Children growing up today have to deal with all of the bad habits of the past and all of the new ones that impact their lives in pretty profound ways. While gadgets and accessories may first seem like they are the problem, they can also help your child stop their bad habits and work towards ending them for good. Read below for a few tools, gadgets, and accessories that will help your child stop bad habits.

Internet Time Restricting App

One thing that you are probably worried about is your child’s internet usage. Luckily you can put a time limit on their internet time with an app. These applications prohibit devices from getting on the internet after a certain time and after the child has been on it for a specific amount of time. You can stop the internet at 9PM for example, but you can also have it turned off after the child has been using it for over an hour. Whoever your child is and however disciplined they are, it’s absolutely imperative to put limits on their internet use.

Network Blocker Prohibiting Specific Sites

Like the time restricting apps, you can also look into a network blocker that prohibits certain types of websites. Of course you’ll want to keep your kids away from pornography but you also may want to discourage them from social media platforms. Whatever it is that you’re concerned about, a network blocker that targets specific sites will come in handy. Even if your child is extremely well-behaved, it’s necessary to block them from certain websites. You will be protecting them for the long-term.

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Thumb Guards for Sucking

One of the most classic bad habits children do is thumb sucking. When you have tried everything and are still wondering how to stop thumb sucking, you have a few options. The best place to start is thumb guards. These plastic guards cover the thumb so that the child can’t suck it. Instead they will be sucking on plastic, which is not as satisfying as sucking on the thumb. It will encourage them to break the habit. If a thumb guard doesn’t work you can try mavala nail polish, which is bitter polish that tastes horrible and will discourage them from sucking their thumbs and causing the problems that result from it.

Noise Cancelling Headphones to Pay Attention

If your child is attending remote school and has a bad habit of not paying attention, try noise cancelling headphones. These headphones will get rid of the noise from the outside world, including whatever is going on in the house, so that your child will only hear their teacher. It helps people focus on what they’re doing and your child should be no different. When you’re wearing noise cancelling headphones, it is a lot easier to pay attention and break the bad habit of being scatterbrained during school time.

Health Monitor

If your child is interested in the gamification of life, one thing that could help them break bad eating, sleeping, and exercise habits is to use a health monitor. Most gadgets increase obesity and discourage exercise, but if you use a monitor like Whoop your child will be able to see how much they need to sleep to be fully rested, how many calories are needed, and how much they should exercise. People love these health monitors worn around the wrist because it provides the information in a concise, clear way. If your child is old enough to understand these things and prefers a challenge a health monitor will help them break bad habits.

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Whether your child is young or a teenager, everyone needs to break bad habits. Are they eating too much? Sleeping too little? Not paying attention at school? Are they sucking their thumbs or biting their nails? While you might think gadgets and accessories are the cause of bad habits, they can also help quell them. Whatever the situation, if your child needs help breaking a bad habit there is certainly something in the modern space to facilitate. What are you waiting for? It’s time to help your child break bad habits.

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