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6 Tips To Updating Your Office Bathroom


Updating an office bathroom is a crucial project although it is one of the most overlooked things in a business setting. That said, below is an overview of the best tips to updating your office bathroom.

#1 Function is key

When updating your office bathroom, bear in mind that functionality cannot be overlooked because it plays a huge role in the efficiency of the time employees spend in the facilities. To make it easy to clean, everything that can be tiled should be tiled. It will make the cleaning process a lot easier and faster, which is important for a room used by so many different people. If you’re worried about the look of a completely tiled room, have a look at mosaic tiles Brisbane, these tiles provide great versatility and inject some life into a normally mundane room.

Consider getting touchless soap dispensers and industrial-style faucets which are just perfect for businesses as they foster hygiene as well as save on the water bill. Also, you don’t want to cringe while walking past your bathroom due to the repulsive odor coming from them so think of installing an automatic air freshener.

#2 Slate a budget

Budget is a major concern when it comes to updating your office bathroom. Just like any other renovation, you need to set a budget for your renovation. You don’t have to do minimal while you are able to do more, but at the same time you want to avoid going overboard with the business finances, and that is why you should…

#3 Be keen with your focus

The last thing you want to do is to get a perfectly working sink or a fully functional faucet replaced. You need to know where to direct your focus to be able to make the right choices with your revamp. Will the door locks have to be changed? Should you repaint the bathroom? Are the sink traps rusty and need to be changed? Instead of orchestrating a whole bathroom revamp, find out what needs updating and focus on that to give your office bathroom simple yet efficient renovation without having to break the bank.

#4 Think of the times to come

Before starting your renovation project, think of the future in terms of trends and preferences. You don’t want to make a change to your bathroom that will be so drastic and trendy that it will look outdated in the future: being trendy is good but don’t overdo it. Also, you may want to change a few items in the future, so leave space for flexibility, and don’t make ridiculous renovations now that will drain you financially in the future changing them.

#5 Plan an appropriate time for it

Whether you are an office of 20 people or 2, it is ideal to plan for the project at a time that will not inconvenience anybody. You or the other staff shouldn’t have to look for alternatives because the bathroom is out of bounds for renovations. The best thing to do is to plan for the work to get done with less impact on everyone’s experience at the workplace.

#6 Don’t get an average job done

After your renovation, you want your bathroom to serve you for the longest period of time. Having a sketchy job done means that you will have to incur costs to fix your clogged toilet, a broken faucet or even have the whole bathroom redone later. Make sure you get the best contractors and get the work done really well to avoid future unnecessary costs.

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