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5 Tips To Unlocking Your iPhone 6


An iPhone that is locked to only one carrier can be really frustrating, as it does not give you much flexibility. A lot of people are searching the internet for effective ways of unlocking an iPhone 6 and be able to use a new sim. If you have an issue regarding iPhone then you can visit the iPhone service center in Dubai.

There are different reasons for this, each can be valid on their own. The challenge of unlocking iPhones since the iPhone 4 is a hot topic on different tech sites and online forums. While some offers really good advice on how to do this, there are some that just plainly trolls around and have people mess out with their phones in the end.

To get your iPhone 6s unlocked is quite easy. Here are some of the best practices for unlocking an iPhone 6.

#1 Carrier-Specific Unlocking Procedure

Unlike in previous years where carriers restrict users from unlocking their iPhones and using another sim, the service providers are now offering people an alternative to lock their iPhones. This can be attributed to the fact that users will, after all, try their very hard, even some not so legal means, just to unlock their phones.

Check out your service providers and ask for the process. Providers like EE, Orange, T-Mobile, Three, O2, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone and others offer different ways of unlocking your iPhone 6y within predetermined terms and conditions.

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#2 Software Unlocking

While this is not highly recommended, some people claim that they were able to unlock their iPhones by downloading software. If you decide to try this out make sure to practice caution when dealing with suspicious sources and downloads, or you may end up getting a virus on your phone instead.

#3 Hardware Unlocking

This is done by altering some physical parts of your iPhone 6 to allow it to use another sim. There are some online articles that provide information on how this is done, but make sure your sources can be trusted before doing anything with your phone.

#4 Third Party Services

Some people offer unlocking services for your iPhone 6. This sounds like a great risk since it is mostly done in secret and you have to pay some good money for this to be done. Before accepting any third- party service, make sure that you can fully trust the other party to make sure your phone is in good hands.

#5 Watch Video Tutorials

For those who are fond of DIYs when it comes to their stuff, there are actually a lot of videos on the internet that will teach you how to do the unlocking yourself. Make sure to find a video that you can trust.

Unlocking your iPhone 6 can gain your flexibility to choose any sim. However, you always have to be very careful of the means to unlock your device or you will just completely ruin it.

If you opt to search the web for an effective method, make sure you search thoroughly including reviews and feedback to reduce the chances of being scammed by those who do not wish you well with your iPhone 6.

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