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5 Tips To Selling Products Online


The power of e-commerce has definitely changed the way we handle electronic transactions over the past few years. Before, online buying and selling were only limited to large merchants, a few electronic payment services, and customers who are proficient with using technology.

In the present, the emergence of online stores paved a way for fast, reliable, and convenient transactions all over the world. E-commerce has also helped small businesses compete well with popular and already established brands.

Tips To Sell Products Online

If you are planning to sell your used products and services online, you might have already come across some popular online buy and sell platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Craigslist, and Bonanza. Although online marketplaces boast high network traffics that can help you generate more sales, there are a couple of downsides when using them.

You may instead set up an online store to save you from hefty marketplace fees, to give you a wider control over the products that you sell, and to help you better monitor your inventory. For some business owners, driving traffic to your site might be challenging at first. But once you get the momentum, you can start keeping all of your sales with no merchant fees and without having to compete with other sellers.

5 Tips To Sell Products Online With Perfect ROI:-

Read more about the 5 tips to selling products online and start building your own brand.

1. Optimize your web design.

Web Design

One thing that you should prioritize when setting up an online store is to invest on a simple, clean, and attractive web design that will be convenient to use for your customers. Try to minimize the number of clicks to less than 10 before proceeding to the payment page. Avoid asking too much customer information that you wouldn’t probably need. You may opt to display featured products on your homepage so that the customers can easily proceed to the checkout in as few clicks as possible.

2. Focus on product descriptions.

Creating detailed product descriptions is a huge step to help you stand out from your competitors. You may include a couple of frequently asked questions or embed video reviews to guide your customers. Another important aspect of a good product page is having well-photographed images of the items that you sell. Crisp and high-resolution images from different angles allow your customers to experience your products virtually.

3. Explore social media platforms.

Social Media Platforms

A huge percentage of online buyers access their social media accounts every day. By connecting your website to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram you can promote your products for free (or you may also spend on promotions). Communicate and build a good relationship with your customers through social media platforms.

4. Provide a great customer service.

Great customer service extends beyond a user-friendly web design. From being responsive to their messages and being courteous during phone calls to selecting trustworthy payment partners and providing great delivery experience, everything should be tailored towards a better customer service.

5. Go cross-platform.

With the rise of handheld devices over the past decade, businesses must now optimize their websites not only for desktop computers but also for smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. If you are looking for a trusted and multi-awarded web design with a proven track record of providing excellent support to small and large companies, choose only Bing Digital. Visit their website on for more details on online solutions, branding, digital marketing, and rich media services.

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    Tony, Thank you so much for your step by step guidelines and tips to start an online store. From last few months I became frustrated to find the best business blueprint for eCommerce store which will help me to make ‘money online. There are mountains of info on mountains of sites for ‘eCommerce business plans’ – unfortunately I was not satisfied. However, I can follow your tips to create one of best eCommerce stores.

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