7 Tips To Provide Travelers With Impeccable Hospitality

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tips to provide travelers with impeccable hospitality

Similar to all other kinds of enterprises, various factors go into making a hotel successful. However, the hotel manager remains at the center stage of responsibility for ensuring all other factors’ functionality. In the hospitality industry, the managers must follow a cohesive approach to get the work done with the other staff members.

US statistics indicate that businesses can save up to $62 billion yearly with improvements in customer service. Therefore, good hotels recognize customer service’s value in increasing business profits. Plus, it also boosts customer retention and brand recognition.

Globally, hotel management teams are trying to achieve greater customer satisfaction and revenues through continuous transformation. Still, if you want your management processes to remain strategic and authentic, you need to learn how to be the best in the market. Now that takes creativity.

Besides your boss, certain people depend on you to do a good job. Your staff looks up to you to guide them in the right direction. The customers rely on you for a satisfying experience. Lastly, the owner depends on you to generate ample profits for the company.

But you’re only human, and it’s common to feel flustered at times. Down below, we provide a comprehensive list of hospitality management tips to give your hotel/resort that extra edge above everyone else.

Use Cloud-based Software 

For most modern businesses, manual records are a relic of the past. Software expense now exists in the place of stationary expense (pen, paper, etc.). Above 95% of all hotels searching for software for their business are now turning to cloud-based systems.

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Cloud-based systems, such as this Vacation Rental Housekeeping Software, keep and maintain essential data on the internet, providing ease of access. Cloud-based software save countless business resources and time. These systems also streamline daily operations, including managing tasks, customer inquiries, and staff/service availability. Consequently, it allows for better accommodation of guests with increased individual attention.

Build Local Partnerships

While traveling, most people look toward more than just a hotel to stay. If you can somehow enhance your guests’ experience as a whole, you and your hotel will be more reputable in their eyes. One way to realize this vision is to build strategic partnerships with other local businesses. Then, try to maintain good terms with these partners, so you can acquire special deals for visitors that profit both you and your partner.

For instance, you can join hands with the new chic cafe in town, and customers can enjoy their experience. In that scenario, you get to reap some benefits since you made the connection possible. Consider this a friendly cousin of guilt by association, a service by association.

Delegate As Much As Possible

As a manager, there’s no task more crucial than delegation. Indeed, you have to supervise the workings of every department. However, instead of reporting directly to a hotel manager, the staff must report to their respective departmental heads. Try organizing regular, brief meetings with the department heads to go over the daily plan or activities.

For instance, you’ve reached the maximum booking capacity for the weekend. Housekeeping staff has to work speedily and relentlessly to keep the hotel in its best shape. Suppose there’s a need for repairs in a particular room. In that case, the maintenance supervisor can communicate with housekeeping to avoid cleaning until the end of repairs.

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Keep Up-to-date With Industry Trends

Being a manager should never hinder your quest for knowledge. It would be in your and your company’s best interest if you spared some time catching up on daily news from industry sources. Cultivate a morning habit of going through important industry news, reading relevant blogs, and browsing social media feeds to gain insights on ongoing trends.

A firm understanding of these trends and expert opinions can positively impact your managerial decision-making process, ultimately leading to your hotel’s sustained growth.

Communicate Actively

Active communication is one of the defining traits of a good leader. Hoteliers must keep their team clued about all property matters, whether regarding a minor floor leakage or a significant organizational policy change. Failure in passing down information leads to costly mistakes and, eventually, unsatisfied or disgruntled customers. Bad customer feedback equals fewer bookings and revenues; it’s simple math.

You may communicate via regular email alerts or set up an announcement bulletin board that’s clearly visible to all employees. Better yet, get a hotel management app that provides a direct messaging facility between your hotel staff and management.

Reward Employees

A well-trained and courteous staff is vital in guaranteeing a pleasant and memorable stay for your guests. In hotel management, most of the employees are blue-collar, and their job descriptions rarely require formal education.

As a result, these employees get lesser compensation for their duties, such as minimum wage. An excellent way to boost employee morale and motivation is to introduce a reward system. You can start by creating an employer of the week or month reward for each department. Additionally, set small financial incentives for workers who can alert you about issues in the system before you detect them yourself.

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Focus On Customer Service Feedback

Can you guess who the best judge of your managerial capabilities and your hotel’s overall performance is? It’s none other than your customers! Nobody else’s opinion matters more than theirs. Hence, it’s a good practice to ask for their feedback at every chance you get.

Suppose a guest complains about your hotel on an online review platform. In this scenario, you’re now better aware of your mistakes. You can work to improve upon any particular areas and reach out to the customer to recompense them.

Another option is to conduct surveys to collect valuable customer feedback. This way, you can know your guests’ preferences and offer them a truly personalized experience when they revisit your facility.

To Conclude

A lot is riding on a business owner/manager’s shoulders. From managing client expectations to keeping a tab on employee turnover, sometimes the going can get tricky. The above article provided some nifty tips that help enhance your hotel’s customer service while maintaining industry standards. These consist of local partnerships, active communication, customer feedback, and awareness of current trends. With these tips at your service, you can be well on your way to offering more gratifying experiences to guests and keeping your team members happy simultaneously!

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