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4 Tips To Lowering Your Electricity Bill In Texas


Chances are that your recent electricity bill is a little bit too higher than what you were expecting. There are many reasons why your energy bills keep fluctuating every month. However, you do not have to keep on straining yourself financially by paying for bills from month to month. The most efficient ways to reduce your electricity bill do not always require you to chip in a huge investment with regards to money and time. Below are four tips to help you lower your electricity bill and manage your usage better:

#1 Switch to a Lower Power Rate Plan

You will be required to re-register for your electricity supply service in Texas when moving into a new apartment in your name. There are many hidden fees and tricks when it comes to electricity plans. Therefore, ensure you seek out the lower rate power plan with terms that closely match your lease to reduce your Texas electricity bill. When shopping for a lower power rate, choose whether you want to power your apartment with a variable or a fixed rate plan. A variable plan will enable you to take advantage of electricity rates as they drop while a fixed rate plan will help you lock down on an affordable rate at a fixed term.

#2 Keep Your Household Cool Using Natural Means

Air conditioning can be a big expense during the summer. To reduce your air conditioning use, close the shades during daytime to block out the heat. Shades act as a barrier to the hot sunlight and do not require any power usage. If you do not have shades in your home, try covering the windows that get a lot of sun exposure by closing blinds and curtains on your home’s sunny side. Your electricity bills will be lower when your air conditioner runs for a less amount of time.

#3 Replace Your Air Filters Monthly

Properly maintaining your air conditioner will ensure that your system operates optimally. The more efficiently your AC runs, the less money and time you’ll spend on repairing it. You should maintain your system in the spring before the summer season kicks in in anticipation of the heavy usage. It would help if you also changed your air filters every month since dirt blocks airflow. This will cause your AC to work harder to push in cool air into your apartment. Clean air filters will help you save money on electricity bills and extend the life of your unit.

#4 Seal Up Your Apartment

Your apartment could be losing energy through bad insulation and air leaks in windows or doors. You can save up to 30% of electricity usage through proper air sealing and insulation. This could be a good saving off your bill during the hot summer season. You should carry out a home energy audit to find out if your apartment is losing electricity. You will get better results if you engage the services of trained personnel to conduct this audit.

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