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4 Tips to Increase Your E-Commerce Sales


Have you decided to sell your products or services online? That’s a very good idea! Today, purchases are made more and more on the internet and physical storefronts are becoming more and more irrelevant. However, certain best practices are essential to really boost your sales online; it isn’t automatic, and in this article, we’ll go over some of the major tips all beginners need to hear to help them start on the right footing.

#1 Ensuring Your Website Supports Different Platforms and Screen Sizes 

In 2019, 4 out of 10 internet purchases were made from a mobile device. And even if the majority of purchases are made on a computer, a large part of Internet users do their preliminary research on their phones, which makes optimization for mobile platforms even more important.

In other words, to increase your sales, your site must be easily usable from smartphones and tablets. You can make it easier for you just by using the best WooCommerce theme out there. You must check if your site is responsive! You can easily do this by testing your website from a few different phones and tablets to see how it is displayed, how readable it is, and how smooth the process is from the landing page to the completion of a purchase.

#2 Use High-Quality Product/Service Photos 

One of the biggest obstacles for e-commerce is the inability of the potential buyer to directly see or touch the product with their own eyes and hands. This creates a layer of mistrust and means you need to be more compelling to make the sale online than you do offline.

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One essential element to bridge this mistrust is using realistic, high-quality photos on product pages! The product must be shown from several angles to allow the Internet user to distinguish its height, width and depth. Lighting is also important: the product must be well lit to perceive its true appearance and the finer details.

#3 Analyze Your Website Traffic 

Today, tools such as Google Analytics allow you to analyze the traffic of your online store. Which page is the most visited? Which product is the least viewed? Where do your customers and prospective customers come from?

This information is invaluable in order to best adapt your offer. If a flagship product is not viewed enough, why not change its place on your website, change how you market it, or update the offer? Through this process, you can optimize your offers and maximize revenues. There are even more complex and useful ways you can analyze customer data which would allow you to do even more impressive things:

#4 Create a Blog to Accompany Your E-Commerce Platform

A blog on your website allows you to regularly post articles related to your business. The blog has three main benefits:

  • It increases mentions of your website on third party websites through the creation of regular content. This will consequently allow you to improve the positioning of your website on the search engine results pages and increase visibility.
  • It positions you as an expert in your field and makes you appear more trustworthy.
  • It makes for excellent natural, non-intrusive marketing as potential customers can see your articles and later decide to buy one of your products or services mentioned in the article.
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