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Tips That Will Improve Your Internet Speed


Have you ever felt like throwing your laptop out the window because of a slow internet connection? Don’t worry, you’re not crazy, and you’re definitely not the only one. We’ve all been there! Luckily, there are a few simple solutions to this overly frustrating issue, and you don’t have to be an expert to implement them. Here are six easy steps to boost your internet speed and reduce the stress factor of slow internet connection!

#1 Reset your router

Let’s start with the oldest trick in the book – resetting your internet router. Slow internet connection isn’t always the result of a more complicated problem. It is common for routers to overloaded and cause a decrease in your internet speed. This problem can be fixed easily by resetting the router and giving it a minute to cool down.

To do so, unplug all cables from the router and make sure it is completely shut down. Let it cool down for a minute or two and then plug everything back in. Then wait a few minutes for the router to connect again. Keep in mind that resetting the router using the “reset” button is not recommended because this can erase all its settings. To avoid this, simply go by the old-school trick of unplugging cables.

#2 Secure your WiFi network

While WiFi connection has brought tons of benefits to the world, it comes with one major flaw – it is more vulnerable when it comes to security. WiFi networks can easily be hacked and used for unauthorized purposes, which is something that might not only slow your internet speed down but also cause major problems such as data theft.

To ensure no one uses your WiFi connection without you knowing it, you need to secure it properly. Make sure to use a strong password. Instead of your pet’s name or your old high school, use a stronger combination of hard-to-guess letters and numbers. If you want to take your WiFi security a step further, consider using a VPN to make sure all your data is completely protected. There’s an ongoing discussion on its effects on internet speed, but being safe from any potential data breaches is more important than an additional 100 kilobytes of bandwidth.

#3 Close unused programs

If the traditional router resetting technique doesn’t speed up your internet connection, make sure you don’t have any programs running in the background. If you’re not using any open tabs on your browser, save them as bookmarks for future use if necessary and close them.

The fewer tabs and programs you have hogging your bandwidth, the faster your internet connection will be. You can check all the processes running in the background with the help of a Task Manager. To access the Task Manager, tap Ctrl+Alt+Delete simultaneously. To access activity monitor on Mac computers, use Spotlight search.

#4 Remove Malware

Hidden malware can often be a reason behind a slow internet connection. Viruses can negatively affect the overall speed of your device, which is why it is mandatory to have an antivirus program up and running at all times. Without the right security, your computer can easily be hacked and turned into a part of a botnet; which is why many organizations grant/manage user access.

A botnet is a group of several Internet-connected devices controlled by a specific malware. If your computer doesn’t have adequate protection, hackers can use malware to get into your system and start using your computer and internet connection for devious purposes without your knowledge. To make sure this never happens, have an antivirus program active and perform malware checks every now and then.

#5 Use a LAN Cable

If none of these steps seem to work, try using a LAN cable. We all love wireless connection because it allows us to connect to the internet anywhere, but we have to face it, wireless is still much slower than Ethernet. The LAN cable provides a physical wire for the data to travel through, which is why it provides much faster internet speed. If you need a more stable and faster internet connection for gaming or other activities with higher internet speed requirements, LAN is the way to go.

#6 Switch Broadband Providers

Sometimes the issue isn’t on your computer or the possible presence of malware. It’s common for the slow internet speed to be caused by broadband providers. If you’re having issues with your internet connection frequently, consider switching to a different broadband provider in your area. Ask around for reviews and personal experiences with other providers and compare them with your current ones.


You can easily put an end to the stress and frustration of slow internet speed by following the six easy steps explained above. Ensuring that your computer and WiFi network are secure will help improve your internet speed. Also, make sure to check that no programs or processes are running in the background and slowing down your computer even more so. If you have any questions or experiences you’d like to share when it comes to internet speed, feel free to leave a comment below!

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  1. Bob says

    I just bought NordVPN for securing my router connection, and so far I did not experience any problems, speed drops just about 10%, which is usual comparing to other providers I’ve tried. But the best decision was not to save money and buy a new router, my speed got up immediately!

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