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5 Guaranteed Tips to Grow Your Home Improvement Business


Do you run a home décor business that sells ornamentation and decorative elements to enhance the interior? Or perhaps, you run a home renovation and landscaping business for a local community? Either way, building trust and recognition as a home improvement business isn’t easy.

You see, homeownership is the most significant investment in the life of an average American. Homeowners save and scrape for years to afford a down payment and a flexible mortgage plan. Once they finally actualize their dream of buying a house, they safeguard this investment with great care. So, when it comes to entrusting the market value and preservation of their home, homeowners want nothing but the best.

Can your home improvement business deliver the most trusted and durable solutions? If yes, then how will you market these services to build trust and grow your clientele? Winning over trust and establishing a flourishing clientele are long-term goals, and there are no shortcuts whatsoever.

Keep reading to pick up some practical strategies to grow your home improvement business.

Generating High-Quality Leads

In the digital arena, growing a business requires the company to generate and convert high-quality leads. Leads determine the interactions potential clients have with your website and social media content. Luckily, you can generate leads through multiple platforms and activities.

Your website and social media platforms serve as the primary mediums to generate and convert leads. Informative and engaging blogs with robust keyword research and on-page SEO tactics will help you increase lead generation endeavors. But you cannot solely rely on your resources to generate leads.

All businesses thrive by building lucrative digital PR networks, collaborating with affiliate marketers, and investing in lead generation. Digital directories and lead generation platforms, such as Networx reviews, prove immensely helpful in increasing your digital footprint. In addition, generating leads through affiliate marketers and online lead generators helps build domain authority and cement an industry-wide presence.

Building a Trustworthy Image

All home improvement businesses deal with installations, preserving market value, and constructing structures within a property to enhance its worth. Why should a homeowner entrust your business with the cosmetic and structural integrity of their home?

Homeowners rely on trustworthy businesses with years of experience and a flourishing clientele of satisfied homeowners. Fortunately, with the right digital marketing tools, you don’t have to wait for several years to build trust and gain authority.

In the online arena, winning over trust boils down to a carefully curated game of aesthetics and quality. You can win over your target audience with the right blend of aesthetics and functional elements to cultivate a competitive brand identity. SEO, particularly link building, plays an instrumental role in gaining trust and winning authority.

Use your social media platforms as an outlet to promote your work and share client testimonials. However, instead of sharing your content, share user-generated content of the services you provided. User-generated content is much more effective at instilling trust with raw images depicting your solutions.

Word of Mouth Marketing

For centuries, word-of-mouth marketing has dominated the popularity of service-oriented businesses. However, modern-day consumers are increasingly wary and skeptical of branded advertising efforts. Instead, they trust consumers and influencers to help them connect with reliable and quality-focused companies.

In the home improvement arena, word-of-mouth marketing holds the key to success. Therefore, each client matters in your journey of building a flourishing and ever-growing clientele. Local customers will ask around for suggestions and referrals, and your job is to ensure your name pops up several times.

Businesses can always use word-of-mouth strategies to work in their favor. For instance, you can offer special discounts and loyalty programs to clients who bring in more clients by referring your services. You can also waive off specific fees, such as installation or landscape designing, for clients who bring in new clients.

Displaying testimonials on your website and social media platforms is another popular word-of-mouth tactic. Consider creating a series of interactive videos of happy clients regaling their experiences for an immersive campaign. Of course, you can always work with written testimonials, but videos have a far more profound and meaningful impact.

Local SEO & Marketing

Are you marketing your business to a highly targeted, local audience? The answer is probably affirmative. Local companies that provide services to a specific community, neighborhood, or city must prioritize local SEO tactics. How else will your potential clients find and connect with you?

You see, local customers usually turn to Google to find services and companies within their local proximity. Google deploys location-based metrics to deliver the most relevant results. If your business isn’t listed on Google My Business, your chances of ranking in search results are slim to none.

Is your business venue listed on Google My Business with a well-organized and aesthetically appealing profile? If not, then your struggle to acquire new clients shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. GMB is a powerful platform to increase search visibility and connect with potential clients who seek your services.

But that’s not all you have to do in the name of local SEO. Incorporating location-based keywords and the nearby landmarks can also work wonders at increasing visibility. Web pages carrying location-specific keywords will expand your search rankings for relevant user queries. With time, consistent local SEO efforts will boost your online visibility and domain authority.

A Realistic & Strategic Vision

Most businesses fail to flourish and grow because they lack a concrete vision fueling their ambitions to grow and expand. Does your company have a growth vision?

A willingness and desire to take up any project that comes your way is not a solid vision to channel growth and profitability. A vision offers a detailed, comprehensive, and strategic roadmap for success and expansion. As a home improvement business, what are your aims and ideals for growth?

Many home improvement businesses grow by adding more services to their portfolio. Others expand their clientele by offering complementary services to ease budgetary concerns and winning client satisfaction. Your vision will carve out unique selling points and a sharp competitive edge, allowing your business to stand out and grow exponentially.


As you embark on this journey to grow the clientele for your home improvement business, you must examine your capacity. Do you have the resources and workforce to execute multiple projects at the same time? If not, then a growth-focused strategy can end up crippling your brand identity and reputation.

Growth-focused companies must first examine their client management capacity and then work towards acquiring new clients. There’s little point in generating leads and gaining new clients when you cannot manage multiple projects simultaneously.

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