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5 Tips To Getting Ahead While Playing PUBG


PUBG remains among the most popular royale games. The enticing thing about it is that it has a multiplayer function and also provides a communication platform where the players interact and engage with each other as they play. It remains quite relevant since it has been around for years.

Therefore, it has gained vast popularity among players, alongside being constantly updated with new features that are intriguing. It has a wide range of skill levels and capacity. Hence, it is beginner-friendly and has been ranked among the highly replayable games. Below are some of the tips that one can exploit to improve their skills in the game:

1. Start At The Lowest Level

The best way to win a game is to know all its pros and cons. It is impossible to do that if you do not start at the very bottom. This strategy will help you get the necessary expertise to progress smoothly. It will also give you the facts you would never discover by written word available online or in magazines about PUBG.

Most gamers are full of ideas. Sometimes, the only problem they have is that they can implement them all at once. As a result, they get discouraged and give up. Starting at a beginner level will help you tone down the ideas and gain the necessary focus to progress.

2. Using Cheat Codes is always among the first websites to release undetected and secure hacks or cheats for PUBG. At some point, the site withholds aimbots, dismissing them as the detectable techniques that can be easily noticed by pro gamers. The site’s ban detection rate is below 2 percent.

As much as no hack can be said to be fully undetectable, this situation provides a very reliable source for cheat codes, given that the probability of getting noticed is extremely low. The hacks are also released to the premium subscribers first, giving them a full advantage over other gamers by a huge stretch.

3. Mastering Your Controls

Knowing how to handle all the controls of your gaming pad effectively is one of the first effective ways to act fast when playing PUBG. You play out of impulse rather than using too much brain activity, which is bound to slow you down and lead you to fail automatically.

There is a game manual that is available online that one can always use as a reference tool to mastering the control. This also applies to those who play using best gaming keypads on either laptops or desktops.

4. Keep Up with Updates

Lucky for PUBG players, the internet is full of information that keeps them updated on new features and upgrades. It hosts news, reviews, and even interviews on PUBG. This feature helps gamers to keep up with the latest features and updates. Having information beforehand proves very handy when it comes to securely acquiring skills that will help in advancing one’s techniques in the game.

5. Open-Mindedness

It is given that to advance in anything, PUBG included, a high level of being open-minded is required. This means being open to playing with strangers and interacting with people on social media to gain new knowledge. This tactic will automatically improve your skills, given that it exposes you to new experiences.

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