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4 Brilliant Tips To Get That Perfect Homecoming Dress


Homecoming, one of the best social event of the season is right around the corner, and it’s just about that time to hit the stores and start the hunt for that perfect gown! Unlike prom dresses, homecoming dresses are generally less formal and fun- so you can bring out the gorgeous you at the click of a finger!

Because homecoming gowns come in a wide selection of colors and styles, choosing the right dress that complements you in every way can be blatantly frustrating especially if you don’t have a clue on what dress to wear.

But as you soak your eyes up the JJs House’s Homecoming dress collection, admiring all the glamor and glitz pinned up on them, you can’t help but think of slipping into one of these elegant frocks.

But your mind seems to be stuck on little details because you want to make a special appearance in that fall ball. Is the color perfect? What about the length, will it accentuate my figure perfectly? Here are JJs House designer Jessica’s tips on how to find that ideal homecoming dress– so you can put your best foot forward in style this year.


As mentioned earlier, a homecoming event is traditionally less formal compared to a prom event, consider flossing those legs with a shorter dress.

Generally, a skirt that strikes your legs at mid-thigh tends to be flattering for most, if not all body types. Remember, though, check with your high school’s dress code before going with a short dress. Should the dress code be conservative, choose a knee-length cocktail dress.


Did you know that you can choose a neckline based on your body shape? Girls with a bigger frame will probably select V-necks, sweetheart necklines or scoop-necks. Fuller-figured girls will tend to look taller and slender thanks to these neckline shapes which create visual impressions of an elongated vertical line.

For girls with smaller frames, necklines like crew neck style or halter, which can bring out a wider frame will be an excellent choice.

Girls with average build should put into consideration the look of their bust, shoulders, and neck. A Sabrina neckline can work for both small or large busts which gently curves from one shoulder’s end to the other.


It will not be a surprise seeing most of your classmates in earthy colors like brown and olive since this grand event happens in the Fall. These colors can be a safe bet since they easily blend with most skin tones.

Want to stand out from the rest of the crowd? Try out a homecoming gown with a bold pattern or try out neon shades like fluorescent blue or hot pink and if you want to go all bright, opt for colors like green or red.

Figure Factor

You need to make an unforgettable statement at the homecoming event and what better way than a skirt with the right silhouette to accentuate those luscious curves. Not every dress will be flattering to each body type. If you’re petite, pear shaped, apple shaped, hourglass shaped, wedge-shaped or rectangular shaped, go for a gown that will bring out the unmatched beauty in you.

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