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5 Tips To Buying An Outdoor Rug For Your Deck


Just like your indoor space, your outdoor environment should reflect your tastes and preferences in terms of style. This is achievable through the use of various practical outdoor accessories such as rugs. A carefully selected curation of outdoor rugs are just some of the best workable options you can use to seasonally refresh the appearance of the space on your deck. Some of the key considerations while purchasing an outdoor rug for your deck include:

Your choice of Colours and patterns should blend with your deck’s design scheme

A choice of rugs with colours and patterns that compliment your deck’s design scheme contributes to the overall beauty and ambiance of the environment. For example, if your deck is made of wood, solid colours such as warm-red and earthy-green, will enhance the intensity of the wood’s hue as well as minimize the impression of a crowded space.

Rugs that can endure heavy foot traffic are durable

Unlike the indoor rugs which can enjoy quite a minimum amount of traffic, outdoor rugs, especially one meant for your deck or the main door is likely to experience a heavy foot traffic from both family members and visitors. To minimize wear and tear and also get a long-term value for your money, it is therefore important that you invest in a rug that will maintain its shape and appearance despite a heavy foot traffic.

Have the weather in mind

As you look out for cheap outdoor rugs for your deck, consider those types that are weather resistant, especially if your locality is characterized by various seasonal patterns. Have the moisture proof rugs for the rainy season to prevent the build-up of mold on the rugs, and UV-resistant rugs to prevent fading especially during summer.

Opt for sizable rugs that will complement your deck’s design scheme

The size of the rug you choose for your deck is supposed to complement the space rather than suppress its design patterns. Depending on whether you have furniture placed on the deck or not, you can opt for differently sized rugs to place beneath the furniture such as table if the former is the case. The general rule is to ensure that whatever choice of rugs you make, its size and accent shouldn’t quash that of its surrounding.

Purchase a rug that you can easily maintain

Despite investing in weather-resistant rugs that battle the elements from season to season, the rugs will need regular maintenance to keep them looking new as well as perfectly complement your deck’s beauty. Opt for rugs that are easy to store during the off-season so that you are not left with the option of leaving them outside when not in use. Additionally, your choice of rugs should reflect your affordability of resources needed to keep them clean of debris. Hard fibers are good if you anticipate minimal maintenance, on the other hand, flat weave rugs are easy to be treated with mild detergents in case of stains from spillages.

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