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5 Tips To Building A New Blog With WordPress


You might have heard a lot of people making lots of money from the internet, particularly from blogs. You’ve heard them say, “it’s really easy, anybody can do it, try it yourself too” and other things like that. Well, the truth is, it is really quite easy, provided that, things are done the right way. Take note that these “many people” are only about 20% of the total number of people who attempted to make money through WordPress blogs. This low percentage only proves the astronomical total number of people trying to succeed in blogging and other similar internet money-making projects.

WordPress Blog Setup

If you are also looking to try and make money through the internet, then blogging is surely one of the easiest ways. Whether you’re going to do direct selling, google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and other internet marketing stuff, you will have to create a proper and attractive WordPress site in order start things up. WordPress is the most basic tool that you can use when starting your online career or business. It is in most cases free and only requires basic knowledge in order to get familiar with.

Tips To Building A New Blog With WordPress:-

To help you succeed in creating an attractive and effective WordPress blog, here are 5 tips that will surely get you closer to that passive income.

#1 Domain Names and Hosts:-

Be careful of other sites that will offer you to use their space for your blog site for free. While it is generally free, in time you will discover that you don’t actually have the freedom and are restricted with regards to features and other services. Therefore, you don’t actually get to enjoy the “free aspect” and will only end up being used by them.

It is always better to invest a little bit of money by buying a domain name for a few dollars and subscribing to a host plan that will give you total freedom and other features and benefits that will allow you to maximize the input you can put into your blog which will significantly increase the chances of your success. The domain name will be the name of your blog site – your identity, be sure to make it simple, relevant and easy to remember. Hosts are the servers that will give you space in order for your blog to appear on the internet. Compare hosts from different reputable companies and decide on what’s best for your blog.

5 Tips To Building A New Blog With WordPress

#2 High-Quality Content:-

Content is very important on your blog. You don’t want to talk gibberish and waste people’s time. Be sure that what you are putting on your blog is interesting and easy to understand. As long as you have high quality content on your blog, people will definitely stay longer and will eventually convert into money or at least contribute to eventual income.

#3 SEO:-

Don’t forget to ignore your SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the major key for your blog site to achieve high rankings in keyword searches on the big search engines like, Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Targeted keywords, meta tags, permalinks, and image tags must always be reviewed regularly in order to ensure that higher ranking.

#4 Take Advantage of the Footer:-

The bottom space which can be used for the creator’s last appeal is usually ignored by most creators which are definitely a big waste. Try to take advantage of this space, by putting your name and email address there. You can even add related links or write a short biography that can prove your expertise and knowledge about the things you are talking about on your blog. Remember that for most blog visitors, when they decide to stay and read, a big majority of them will read up to the bottom page. So do not ignore that footer and instead, make it as your last appeal to them.

#5 Regular Update:-

Today’s competition is tough and you won’t survive by slacking off especially in the online industry. So regular updates is a must and be sure that all things are in trend with the latest features, especially those who have something to do with social media. And of course, update the content and always add more and more interesting stuff to widen your reach.

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