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Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Performance & Speed


Generally Gadget Lovers prefer to use an Android smartphone than any other kind of devices, because of its simple user interface and speed performance. According to a recent report, Android grabs over 80% of the smartphone users around the world. But most of the Android users facing a serious trouble that their device is often running very slow, this problem may cause the device to hang or it makes the applications to crash while opening it.

As an active Android user, this issue gives you a severe head ache when you are in an important situation.Further more if an Android device runs very slowly, then the device will face some errors and issues while running an app. This problem can be solved very easily by following some steps which make your Android device to run speed and better than before. Here I am going to list some useful and simple tips to make your Android device to get rid of this problem.

5 Tips to boost Your Android Phone:

1. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps:

Every Apps in your phone will occupies separate storage space and it will run some process on background. These types of background processes occupies more memory and this cause to slower your phone performance. Generally the Android users should not install the apps and games which they hardly use and adding to it, they should uninstall the unnecessary or unwanted apps which will suck the phone’s performance. Also the users should update the apps regularly in order to increase the processing speed of the device. Through Google Play Store, apps can be updated and the Android version should be updated which provides some extra features and improvement.

2. Phone’s Capability:

As an Android user, they should know about the phone’s capability which includes Internal memory size, RAM memory and processor. The users should not overburden the phone by installing many numbers of apps and storing several large files on the internal memory which will slow down the performance and the processing speed. Normally, Android smartphones provide some amount of internal memory, but most of the users love to extend their storage space by using a memory card. Memory cards can also helps the phone to perform fast by the process of moving the media files from the internal storage to the Extended memory card. High speed memory card can give a special boost to the device by adding extra storage space to it.

3. Remove Unwanted Widgets:

Widgets is not like applications, because once the widgets are added to the home screen, it will start running in the background without the knowledge of the user. Some Android users keep some widgets like weather forecast, notes, connection settings on the home screen. Widgets on the home screen will slow the performance and speed of the device by sucking up the RAM memory. For these reasons, the users should remove unwanted widgets from the home screen.

4. Keep Sync Off:

Sync is nothing but it is a feature which will synchronize the user’s data with the Google servers. You can get the notifications from the apps like Gmail, Facebook, etc., anytime by keeping Sync ON. This feature can look nice, but the Synchronizing process will slower the device performance.

5. Perform a Factory Reset:

If you still have the problem after trying all the above mentioned tips, then perform a factory reset. The problem with your device might be caused by the apps installed on it or by your data stored in it. Factory Reset is done to erase all your phone data including files and apps installed and it will give you a fresh device which were at the beginning. To do a Factory Reset go to Settings -> Backup & Reset -> Factory Data Reset.

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