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Tips For Running A Successful Private Medical Practice


Owning and running a private medical practice can be a fantastic business venture because it can be very lucrative, but it also allows you to save, and make a big difference to people’s lives. This is also a particularly unique form of business to run which can make it challenging. It is important to strive for the right balance between the business and patient care; you need to know how to run a successful company while also providing the best possible care for patients, you may alternatively need help from executive search firms. This can be a fine line to walk, but the tips below can guide you through running a successful private medical facility.

Build A Strong Team Of Skilled Workers

It is the staff that will determine how successful your facility is and it is important to hire a range of employees so that you are not taking on too much yourself. This will, of course, involve hiring skilled and experienced medical professionals, but also staff that can assist with the day-to-day running of the facility. This will allow you to focus on running the business and “the big picture” which will be key for growth. You then need to make sure that you are supporting staff and not overworking them.


Branding is always important in business but particularly when it comes to healthcare. Create a strong brand identity for your practice which will help to separate you from the competition. In addition to visual aspects like a logo and color scheme, this should also include your morals, values and customer service which should be consistent throughout.

Online Presence

In today’s digital marketplace, you must have a strong online presence. Developing a relationship with your community takes time. Easily partner with medical practice marketing experts to ensure consistent digital marketing strategies. This will include:

Much like any company, in today’s digital marketplace it is crucial that you have a strong online presence. This will include:

Website: A high-quality, easy-to-navigate website which has been professionally designed, allow you to make online bookings, has a gallery of your facilities, staff profiles, and patient reviews – the best dental marketing firms should handle this quite well.

Social Media: Social media allows you to reach a much larger audience and increase awareness about your practice. Just be sure not to share any patient information/photographs online.

Internet Marketing: Internet marketing from a reputable marketing agency will help to make your website more visible and attract more customers to the website. It is then a matter of converting these online visitors into real-life patients.

Offline Marketing

Although it is vital to have a strong online presence, you should not forget to advertise your practice offline too as this can be highly effective when it comes to the health sector as you will be targeting people in the local area. This can be done through traditional advertising, such as an ad in a paper, but also through getting involved with the local community. This could involve hosting events, attending local events and providing healthcare information or sponsorship. Healthcare is all about trust so by showing your face in the local community and building a profile (both online and off) you will soon start to be a key part of the community.

Use The Right Software Practice Management Software

For any business, investing in the right software can make day to day operations much easier. With the likes of practice management software able to streamline tasks, reduce errors and reduce admin time, for example, your practice can run to an efficient standard in the way that suits your workflow. This software will make the day-to-day tasks much easier, such as automating patient appointment reminders, managing schedules, analyzing performance and securing data. The right software can take a lot of the stress and time taken with various admins tasks, so that you can focus on the key areas – providing an excellent experience for your patients.

Invest In New Technology

Following on from this, you must also make sure that you are running on the latest technology, whether this is your network of computers or specialist equipment. Although it is important to find ways to reduce costs, the healthcare industry is one which relies heavily on technology, so you need to be up to date.

Seek Feedback

It is important to seek feedback from patients as it is their opinion which really matters and determines whether or not people will come to your practice (word of mouth marketing is crucial for success in this industry). Ask for feedback on a regular basis and make any changes which are commonly suggested. Additionally, consider asking staff for feedback as they may be able to see flaws in the workflow that you do not.

Running a private medical practice is not like running an ordinary business. While it certainly has its perks and there are few areas as rewarding to work in, this does also mean that there are unique challenges which any entrepreneur needs to be aware of. This information should help you to set up a practice that provides the best possible care while also runs like an efficient company.

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