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3 Tips For Mobile Game Design


Mobile game development is one of the fastest-growing corners in mobile app development. Statista assumes that in 2020 mobile games are considered for about 50% of video games worldwide results and by 2023 they exceed the $ 100 billion mark.

The statistics seem awesome, but at the same time, it means that the mobile game development market is rapidly filling up with all kinds of games. This means that mobile games are becoming more and more difficult to stand out, and the demands of users on them are becoming even more demanding.

If a company decides to launch their own mobile game, they should seek professional help and look for a mobile game development company. Thus, it ensures that the game does not get lost in the mobile game crowd in the app store and has unique features, high quality and support.

In this article, we share the best mobile game design tips and game design solutions and explain what makes a game successful.

Mobile Game Marketing Challenges

Marketing strategies help companies advertise a mobile game to potential users. When executed in a timely manner, they can create demand before the game is released and keep it popular after it hits the market. These are the main mobile game marketing challenges that some game developers may face.

Late marketing

Focusing only on developing a great product does not guarantee market success. A careful examination of app stores reveals examples of well-created games that have failed due to lack of or delayed launch of marketing campaigns.

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Focusing only on developing a great product does not guarantee market success

Game development teams must ensure the success of their games from the outset of their mobile game development projects by developing and launching their marketing strategies ahead of time. To do this, they need to generate a pre-release buzz on game developers’ forums and on social media even before their MVP is released. They can create memorable visual campaigns, create YouTube videos, have their own blog, and post about an upcoming game release.

Game development teams must carefully consider how to launch and run their marketing campaigns across multiple platforms, such as specialized gamer blogs and video blogs, and social media.

In addition, they need to consider their branding activities, such as creating a unique vision for the game, setting campaign goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). The more research a team does, the more information they can get on how to improve their gaming performance.

Development problems

Development issues are related to the mobile game development process. Here’s what game developers should keep in mind and try to avoid when creating their mobile games.

  • Long iterations: Creating a mobile game with the user’s interests in mind is the key to successful mobile development. To receive regular user feedback, game developers develop their mobile game development plans into little repetitions.
  • Premature UX / UI design: Gamers value intuitive and compelling UX / UI designs. Visual and audio presentation, as well as usability, are factors that determine how users evaluate a game.
  • Bad graphics: Graphics are the first thing that users experience when downloading a mobile game. If it looks bad or blurry, gamers are more likely to give up on the game. When creating their game applications, game developers must pay great attention to the quality of the graphics, color palette, and screen resolution plus fortnite artwork. This means that the developed game will work on any mobile gadget with different screen sizes, will not have poor quality or ugly colors.
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Sound is another game element that users encounter for the first time in a game. The music and sound effects must be immersive and consistent with the designed game.

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