Tips for Finding the Best Drawing Tablet for Photoshop

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tips for finding best drawing tablet for photoshop

Whether you are an illustrator, architect, or photographer, using editing software such as Photoshop and Lightroom are extremely important for you. That’s because when it comes to image creation and editing, these software are just priceless. But, if you are using these software on your computer, your usability will be severely compromised, and working on the PC might become frustrating. This is where a drawing tablet for Photoshop can come to your assistance. Want to know more about these drawing tablets? Stay tuned then!

Drawing Tablet vs. PC

If you have ever tried to accomplish Photoshop work before, you might have realized how frustrating it can get.

However, when you have a drawing or a graphics tablet, it can improve your motor control by a significant deal. As a result, you can make more natural lines with the help of your hands. The tablet will not only allow you to trace better lines but you will be able to draw neater circles too. So, you will get the feeling that you are working with a regular pen and paper.

Drawing Tablet vs. A Regular Tablet

What if you are already using a regular Android or iOS tablet? You can easily use their touchscreen to accomplish your task, right? So, how is the drawing tablet better than these tablets?

Well, there is more to the drawing tablets than what we give them credit for. What’s more, these tablets also let you control things more naturally. When it comes to regular tablets and PCs, you are unable to control things such as pressure sensitivity with the help of your mouse, touchscreen, or trackpad.

However, with the help of the drawing tablet and the stylus that comes with it, you can control everything such as pressure and tilt. Not only this, but you can also determine how thick or thin your lines need to be. What’s more, you can also control the angle of your brushes with the help of rotation-sensitive styluses.

Drawing Tablet vs. iPad Pro

Now you must be wondering whether the iPad Pro and its pen are capable of offering the functionality of the drawing tablet or not. Well, iPads are no doubt a lot better than other regular tablets. But, when it comes to drawing tablets, they go one step ahead of iPads too.

The drawing tablets feature many shortcut buttons, sliders, control rings, and dials. As a result, you can customize them to any shortcut you think will work for you. Moreover, the styluses of the drawing tablets also have shortcut buttons present on their sides. This is what lets you simplify your work in a way you will not be able to do with any other regular tablet.

Some Important Tips for Finding and Using the Best Drawing Tablet for Photoshop

Now that you understand how a drawing tablet is different from regular tablets, let’s take a look at some important tips for finding and using the drawing tablet for Photoshop.

#1 Buy it From a Reliable Source

When you are looking at different options for buying a drawing tablet, you must make sure that you buy the tablet from a reliable and reputed source like VEIKK. Otherwise, it will not serve the purpose you need it for and all of your work will be interrupted. You would not want it to happen, right?

#2 Check the Specs of the Tablet

Another important thing to keep in mind is to check the specs of the drawing tablet you intend to buy. Not only this, but it should also support the major software other than Photoshop. This is necessary because the tablet must be able to handle the work you want it to accomplish. If it is unable to, there is no use in buying the tablet.

#3 Set Up the Tablet Properly

Once you have found the tablet of your choice and bought it, make sure that you set it up properly. Even though the majority of the drawing tablets are plug-and-play, you might still need to install some drivers to them to fully access their functionality. Other than that, if you have some specific preference, you will also need to set it up first.

Final words

Buying a drawing tablet for Photoshop is not as simple as it is made to look like. There are many important things you need to keep in mind. So, make sure you follow all the tips mentioned above while buying a drawing tablet for your needs. This will ensure that you come up with the best purchase.

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