3 Tips For Creating Discount Banners And Flags

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tips for creating discount banners and flags

So, you have a discount to offer, or there’s a big sale coming up in your company? I bet you are expecting big crowds of people lining up to enter your store and buy the products you are now offering at extremely low prices. Those expectations are perfectly realistic, but it could also easily happen that you end up watching the stores of your competitors getting crowded and wondering why nobody is coming even close to your shop.

It’s true that people love sales and it is also true that these can be highly beneficial for every business out there, as this useful source explains. Why is it, then, that certain companies can proudly say that their discounts and sales were a big success and have generated large revenue for them, while others feel that it was all just a big strategic mistake? What is it that makes the difference here?

There’s a simple answer to this question. Marketing. Marketing makes the whole difference. If you haven’t even bothered to advertise the upcoming sale and drive people’s attention towards your specific store and your company, you might as well give up organizing the whole thing altogether. The same goes for when you don’t put in a lot of effort into advertising this and when you believe that a simple one-time announcement on, say, your website is enough.

It Takes More Than That

It takes just a bit more effort than that for this idea to be a success instead of a flop. What’s more, it isn’t even that difficult. What you need is to understand that people need to be told something over and over again in order for a specific piece of information to be etched into their minds. I’m not saying that you should grab people by their sleeves and constantly repeat that there is a sale going on in your company.

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You definitely don’t want to be that intrusive and pushy. There is a way, however, to make sure that your message reaches all the right people in a non-intrusive manner. In fact, this is the easier way for you and it is the more natural way for people to get informed about something. I am talking about placing discount banners and flags in a few specific areas and letting people know about your idea of offering your products at lower prices for a particular period of time.

Believe it or not, this is all it takes to turn the concept of discounts into a successful one. Of course, you’ll have to find a printing company to help you create the perfect materials for this occasion. As you can see at Printmoz and similar companies, there are a lot of different ways in which you can design your discount banner or flag.

The very design plays a huge role here, since a poorly designed banner probably won’t be noticed, no matter its size and the location in which you decide to display it. Let me give you a few tips on how to create the perfect discount flag or banner for your company. Use these three tips in order to be absolutely sure that people will line up in front of your store instead of your competitors’.

#1 Keep The Colors Simple

You might think that a lot of vibrant colors on your banner or the flag are the way to go, since those bright and perky combinations definitely cannot go unseen. This might actually be correct. These cannot go unseen. The trick is, though, to make people stop and take a look and if you add a lot of flashy colors, you might just make their eyes hurt from looking at the design. They’ll hate even catching a glimpse of a banner like that, which is definitely not good for business.

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The right thing to do is keep the colors simple, yet effective. Keep in mind to make the shades represent your brand and the specific event, and refrain from adding more than three colors, because it might be too much. Your brand identity is what matters here the most, so don’t go for orange and black for example if the colors of your logo and your whole brand are blue and yellow. Keep it simple and stay true to yourself.

You might want to learn which colors drive people to buy things: https://www.business2community.com/marketing/10-colors-that-increase-sales-and-why-0366997

#2 Keep The Message Clear

Another huge mistake that business owners make is placing too much information on the flag and the banner and confusing the customer that way. People need to know what it is exactly that you are offering and saying. Otherwise, they will look at the banner or the flag with the most puzzled expression on their face and then walk away. This is why you need to keep your message as clear as possible and make sure that the average consumer will have no troubles understanding it.

#3 Be Careful With Images

If you believe that your flag or banner might use an image added to it, that’s perfectly fine. You do need, however, to be careful when adding imagery to these promo materials. If you do it in a tacky and tasteless manner, the whole design will simply look too crowded and people won’t bother taking a closer look in an effort to understand what is going on the banner. Feel free to add an image if you believe it might work well, but make sure not to exaggerate and destroy the whole design.

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