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5 Best Tips for Choosing A Shipping Container Transport Service


Shipping container transport agencies are a dime a dozen. A quick Google search would show you that there is no shortage of agencies ready to transport your shipping container, either domestically or internationally. Nonetheless, the difference between any transport services and an excellent transport company is significant.

Picking the wrong transport services company would lead to poor logistic management that can hamper your business success. On the other hand, working with reputable shipping container transport services would boost your business productivity and ensure efficient workflow and operations. This article will guide you through five critical tips for choosing the right shipping container service provider.

Tip #1: Verify the company’s license and permit

A critical factor to consider when choosing a shipping container transport company is its license or operating permit. Is the company fully compliant with the country’s legal requirement?

Clients should run a background check on the company and see verify whether it has a valid license and registration number. Some companies, especially those that transport through rail, may need to get a Container Safety Convention or CSC certificate which verifies the shipping container’s safety for travel.

There are also specific industry standards involving overseas shipping. Hence, clients would need to ensure the company abide by the foreign country’s laws and regulations.

Tip #2: Check on the available loading services

The company may provide many loading services. One of the most popular loading services is the door to door shipping, wherein the transport agency pack and load the shipping container and deliver the right to the chosen destination. This option helps clients to save time and effort from having to move the containers themselves.

Tip #3: Check on the allowable container size and capacity

Depending on what the clients want to transport, the shipping containers needed may be big or small. Most shipping container transport services offer the typical container sizes of 40’ or 20’ shipping container. Vehicles or household goods are typically shipped this way.

Most stuff only requires an ordinary shipping container. However, if the clients have perishable objects, they may need a container with temperature control, which is referred to as the reefers. Rare and costly items, such as exquisite paintings, antique objects or extraordinary furniture, which are sensitive to heat, may also need a reefer container. The container will be refrigerated and preserve everything in optimal condition.

Tip #4: Check on the company’s tracking tools

Thanks to the ever-advancing technology, tracking tools for cargo and shipping containers are now readily available to the clients. It would be best to receive updates on the containers’ whereabouts or travels, either through emails or available online code. Hence, clients should ask about the company’s form and tools for tracking. Some shipping agencies may charge an extra fee for this service while others include it in the total cost.

Tip #5: Review the company’s safety records

Another crucial consideration clients should pay attention to would be the company’s safety records. How reliable are the service provider’s vessels? Does the company implement efficient, safe operating procedures?

Clients should check whether the company has a record of safety issues and verify their safety certifications. Clients can do so either by skimming through the company’s website, previous clients testimony or ask the company directly.


Choosing the right shipping container transport company is critical for productive and smooth business operations. Hence, clients should pick one that is reliable, credible, legally compliant, has decent tracking tools, implement good safety policy, and provides competitive price.

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