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6 Tips For Businesses To Improve Their Phone Call Presence


Nowadays, there are various channels used by companies and brands to communicate with their clients. No matter the number of means available to contact a company, an old-fashioned phone call remains a popular method among customers.

Knowing how to answer business phone calls correctly is vital in providing good customer service. If you want your company to gain more customers and a good reputation, you should try the following tips:

Have A Standard Answer When Taking Calls  

Answering calls professionally is quite different from picking up a call from a friend or loved one. If you’re running a business, you should provide a standard and fixed script to your staff in answering the phone. Most companies pick up calls with a rehearsed line that includes the company name or call operator name, followed by asking the customer about their concerns.

By having a uniform answer in answering calls, you will establish your company’s brand through professionalism. It will also lessen the risk of any unwanted phone call incidents when a customer complains about a phone operator’s impolite manner or improper etiquette in answering.

Hire A Phone Call Service Provider

If your company receives too many calls more than your staff can handle, it’s best to find a third-party provider that can help answer customer questions in your stead.

Both big and small companies hire call centers to address customer concerns. If your company is around the area, you can look for and employ the services of a business phone service Charlotte, so you can hire trained professionals to answer your customer calls. This way, your phone call presence will improve drastically.

Train Your Staff

Answering phone calls can be a new and unfamiliar task for some of your employees, so it’s best to train them before they can start entertaining customers. Allow your employees to practice how they’re supposed to talk to the person on the phone and stay professional even under pressure.

They may encounter some irate callers or unusual complaints, and they should be prepared to handle that calmly. Try to do a simulation—they’ll answer your questions while you observe how they assist the client. Afterward, point out the aspects they can improve on or any mistakes they should correct.

By training your employees, you are ensured that they’ll be prepared to take a call, no matter the concern of the customer.

Don’t Forget to Mention Your Company Name  

Most companies answer customer phone calls by stating their company name followed by ‘ how may I help you?’. The reason behind this is to let the caller know that he’s calling the right place and that his queries will be addressed accordingly.

You should answer all incoming phone calls with your company name first for your clients to know that they dialed the correct number. It will also make your company memorable, and eventually gain you more patrons in the future.

Don’t Make A Customer Wait Too Long

Most people wait for a few rings before answering a call, especially from an unknown number. That principle may also be applied when picking up company calls.

When the telephone rings at the office, don’t pick it up too quickly, since this may surprise the caller. They may feel unprepared for your abrupt response, so try to wait for at least two or three rings before you answer.

At the same time, don’t make the customer wait too long on the phone. Delays in answering a phone call will make your company look unreliable and inactive. Make sure that someone is available to pick up calls so you don’t risk a bad review from an unsatisfied customer.

End The Call With A Positive Attitude 

Before ending a call, ask the customer if there’s still anything you can do for them. After answering all the client’s follow-up questions, ask for further concerns, and if there’s none, end the call by saying thank you.

Even when you were unable to assist the client fully, you still have to thank them for taking the time to call and apologize for not solving all of their concerns. Assure them that you did your best, and let them know you’re more than willing to assist them should they have any concerns in the future.

This way, you’re letting the customer know that you value their experience and feedback, and you’re consistently proactive in assisting your clients.

Final Thoughts 

Customer satisfaction matters just as much as the quality of your products and services. It allows your company to get more patrons, so you should invest more time and effort in assisting and communicating with your customers.

Remember that your manner of handling phone calls will represent your company’s image. It’s always a wise idea to keep a professional, courteous, and helpful tone in answering your customers’ calls.

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