Tips and Tricks for Getting the Best Deal on a Hotel Room

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tips and tricks for getting best deal on hotel room

Hotels can be the most expensive part of traveling. If you’re taking a longer trip, the price adds up quickly.

Luckily, there are ways to find deals on hotel rooms. Why spend more money on a room when you don’t have to?

Here are some of the best tricks to scoring a great hotel deal on your next trip.

Thinking Outside the Box

Staying in London sounds great, but staying on the outskirts of London could be significantly cheaper. If you’re taking a trip to a major city, check the public transportation.

If it costs less to stay in a less central location, it’s probably worth the 15 minute subway ride into downtown.

Consider staying in residential or business areas. They will be less expensive and less crowded.

Look on business travel websites or places you wouldn’t normally look for good deals and suggestions.

If your travel dates are flexible, think about going at a time most people wouldn’t. Going during the off season will save you money and help you avoid crowds.

Checking Prices

You don’t have to book a hotel the second you see a good price. Prices fluctuate frequently.

There are lots of algorithms on the internet that try to calculate the best time you can book a hotel, but this can vary.

Here is a good overview of how hotel pricing works. Understanding how and why the prices are what they are is the best way to find a good deal.

Look on a variety of websites for prices. Often you can find better rates on the hotel’s website than through a booking service, but that’s not always the case.

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Prices on weekends and the main season are always more expensive than during the week. If you can take the time off work, travel during the week.

Book a Package

There’s lots of great deals out there. Booking your hotel and your flight together can save you lots of time and money.

Other types of packages are spa and hotel packages. Some hotels might allow you to book dinner with your stay for a better price.

Sometimes you can find these deals on the hotel’s website, but more often than not these will show up on travel websites.

Using a travel agency or booking service is the best way to save time. They have better connections in the industry than you. Unless, of course, you work in a hotel.

Credit Card Deals

Credit card companies are constantly offering new deals and cashback options. They can be a pain to keep up with, but once you sort through them, it’s worth it.

Be careful not to open too many credit cards at once. This can hurt your credit score.

Here is information on the best hotel credit card deals for this year. Many hotel chains have locations worldwide.

If you travel frequently, building up loyalty points with a brand can save you a lot of money and earn you free stays.

Card deals change every year, so make sure to check those annual fees.

Be Flexible

Traveling on Thanksgiving might be your preferred day to fly, but it will cost a lot more than if you travel the week after.

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Being flexible with your dates and plans can help you save money. This isn’t always possible depending on your schedule, but if you can’t change your dates, find another way to be flexible.

Maybe there is another airport that is a bit longer of a drive but is cheaper to fly from. Or maybe there is another city that has cooler, cheaper sights.

Being able to spontaneously grab deals is a great way to travel. Hotels often have last minute deals a few days before the weekend.

Flexibility also means being willing to change plans when things go wrong. If your flight gets delayed or an emergency comes up, be willing to pay for an extra night or two.

If you plan ahead of time and know what you’re doing, you’re less likely to encounter problems.


Travel is expensive, but the value of travel is intangible. Still, it’s nice to save money when you can. Following these tips will help you have the perfect and affordable trip.

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