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The Three C’s Of The Best Nonprofit Websites


Compassion has always been in the heart of the human being. We were born longing for companionship of others. From craving our parents’ love and care to finding the perfect mate, we were destined to always end up with someone. Relationships are the core of every society, and inside it is the compassion that we feel for others. Not all of us is perfect as there are people who cannot feel this idea, but many of us experience it. It drives us to help and mold ourselves into a decent human being. Empathy has played a part in this as well, as we feel the suffering of others. We can put ourselves in their shoes and develop sympathy for their well-being. As we grew as a civilization, we continue to strive and help others into having a better life. Read more about it by clicking here.

This is why many people decided to build organizations that can help the last, the lost and the least. These organizations help in any way that they can alleviate the living conditions of other beings in its stead. Whether these are animals or other humans, these organizations help them as they cannot even help their own. They also function through the donations of others, which is why they are mostly known as non-profit organizations. Some of these organizations were founded by people who experienced suffering as well, or saw it as an experience that they do not want to go through. Some advocate certain ideals and aspirations that could lead to the betterment of the entire human race. As you can see, nonprofit organizations work for all humans.

There was a time when the federal government was very supportive of many nonprofit organizations and gave ample assistance for their operations. However, as the number of these organizations increased the support decreased as well. This many organizations decided to raise funds on their own. Some even asked for support from businesses and companies. They can support nonprofit organizations provided that their mission and vision was similar to the ones they will support. Corporate social responsibility has also gained a lot of traction in the business world because of the advantages it gives to the company. It increases the positive image of a business and the government offers tax write-offs for them. It has led to many companies incorporating social responsibility into their core values. Learn more about corporate social responsibility by visiting this site:


Technology has also created various means of creating support for these organizations. With internet access, anyone can potentially donate to the organizations that they wish to support. Many nonprofit organizations now have websites as it is so much more affordable to maintain than buying ad space on TV or newspapers. It is also environment friendly as it does not use papers for campaigns. Some organizations even take advantage of social media as their platform for their advocacies. It is such a wonderful sight to see when a lot of people work together in helping others even just through your internet screens.

However, not all websites are created equal. There are so many websites bow dedicated for various organizations and yet they cannot see the return in their investment. What makes the best nonprofit website?

#1 Clear and Concise Content

For any website, you need to have texts which explain what your organization is all about and your advocacies. However, no one wants to read an entire essay even if it is for a good cause. It can be such an eyesore to see literal paragraphs of information and it can cause an overload for the reader. It is so much better to just highlight the ideas that are essential for your brand. You should also have a nice tagline to go along your organizations’ name. The text colors should not clash with your website background.

#2 Choose the Right Theme

“Theme” here refers to the overall look and feel of your website. The colors should not clash with one another. Instead, they should complement and harmonize with one another. For example, darker colors should be paired with lighter ones. You should also think about your advocacy while choosing the theme of your website. If you are into nature, you should consider green hues. It does not make sense to use red as it does not have a connection with your subject. Likewise, advocating for marine life does not usually call for yellow colors. Unless you are really into taking big risks, many people would find your website ridiculous for choosing colors that do not look right for your ideals.


#3 Call to Action

In marketing, a “call to action” is a statement that coerces a response from the reader. It attacks your consciousness, making you react to the statement. This is very important for non-profit websites as this should be the most important statement that the viewer should read. However, it should also be not very imposing as this could deter the viewer from even venturing into your website. For example, some website viewers do not like anything popping up while they are just entering a website. Always start slow and subtle. “Donate now” is one of the more common statements to be used as a call to action, but you can be creative with your choices. You can use statements like “Make A Difference Now!” to let your readers feel that they are contributing to something far greater than them.

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