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Helping People Get A Job Is The Best Way To Help Them


They say that you have to teach a man how to fish so that you’ll help him for a lifetime. That’s how it goes, right? If you want to help people, don’t just lend them money or give them food. Go the extra mile. Helping someone get hired is not expensive. It won’t even cost a dime to ask your employer if there’s an open spot for a friend. For someone who’s out of a job, this is the best help they can receive.

Losing a job is depressing. Finding an employer who’s willing to hire you for skilled trade jobs is tough. Reputable staffing companies, such as People Ready, provide such skills trade jobs. It is an unfortunate situation that many people find themselves in. It doesn’t matter why they have been unemployed. It’s either they were laid off or they resigned for different reasons. But unless these people are born with a silver spoon, they don’t have much time until they need to start working again. Their families depend on them.

Listen and Support

Do not be critical of someone who has lost their job. Show your support by lending an ear to their work grievances. They might feel that it’s unfair for their past employer to fire them. Listen to their reasons. Build up your friend emotionally and professionally. Help them see their best assets. They should feel confident about their abilities. That will help them land a job. Or refer them to LinkedIn profile optimization experts such as Social Selling Coach. This should be a great start to help your friends in getting hired.

Ask Your Current Employer

If you have a business, find something that your friend can do even for the time being. They won’t accept money from you. But surely, they can help in the business so that you’ll have to pay them. You can also ask your employer if there’s an opening in your company. But you need to make sure that your friend can handle the pressure of working for your boss. Otherwise, you’ll be putting your career in jeopardy, too. Put in a good word for them if you believe in their skills and capacities.

Proofread Resumes and Cover Letters

People don’t often catch their mistakes when writing resumes and cover letters. Offer to help an unemployed friend. Read their resume and cover letter. Maybe there is something there that’s turning off potential employers. You can also offer to rewrite the cover letter if you’re good at those things or suggest good resume keywords in case they have online resumes.

Boost Their LinkedIn Profiles

Do you know that potential employers scourge LinkedIn for possible talents? They look at your profile closely, studying your experiences in the field. Help a friend boost their LinkedIn profile by updating the information and images there. Suggest any improvements that you think will help them land a job.

Go to a Career Networking Event

Career Networking Event

It will be easier for your friend to go to a career networking event with a companion. Offer to go to these events. You can make connections for your career, too, so it’s a win-win situation. You need to boost your friend’s confidence because that’s important for landing the right job for their skills.

There’s a benefit for you, too, when you help a friend. This friend is going to remember that you have helped him during these trying times. You’ll foster a better relationship with them. You might even get rewarded with a free beer once they land a job.

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