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4 Things You Should Look For When Hiring a Jazz Trio


Most people would like their event to rock like no other. This would be through creating a joyous and warm atmosphere whereby everyone is enjoying themselves. Key to achieving this desire is to have a jazz band performing in the event. Jazz music brings another dimension of beauty and controls the moods in the event as people transition from one activity to the other. There are numerous jazz trios and the success of your event will cardinally depend on your choice of the band. The following are some of the factors to consider when selecting the group to perform at your event:

#1 Be sure regarding the music that you need

As it is the case with other music genres, jazz also has its classifications. As an event organizer, you have a role of identifying what exactly is the atmosphere that is required to be set during the occasion. There exist numerous styles such as the swing jazz bands, the jazz standards and also those that feature pop music. It is therefore upon you to decide what the best for the event is. Making a good choice will play a critical role in determining the mood at the event. For example, performing a pop music jazz band at an event that requires slow soothing music will end up bringing confusion rather than joy. It is therefore imperative to be sensitive to the kind of audience on occasion.

#2 Check the pricing

Overspending on music will undoubtedly cause an imbalance in other areas of event organization that need equal attention such as the kind of foods and drinks. The best way to avoid this is to check for the jazz trios that are within your budget. This isn’t a hard thing to do as there are numerous bands from the web with their pricing. Therefore, choose wisely and also ensure that you don’t get an incompetent jazz band as you try to cut down the costs.

#3 Choose one that does it all

The atmosphere in events changes as activities unfold. Every activity requires a different kind of musical accompaniment. While choosing the jazz trio to perform at your event, ensure that this shift is taken care of. Numerous jazz bands are adaptive to the mood changes, and you should settle for such kind. Otherwise, limiting yourself to a particular genre may prove to be an undoing as things go on during the event.

#4 Request on a live play before the actual event

You need to get value for your money when choosing jazz trios. Some jazz bands are known to post edited videos of their performances that are a complete contrast of what they are in real life. Such jazz trios will spoil your show, and there’s a need to be careful at first to prevent such a cheat. You can request for a live play before settling for the jazz trio. This will help you determine if indeed what they present is in line with your needs for the ceremony.

Jazz trios have been ever-present in many events. Many have improved the moods immensely while others have contributed to their failures. It is therefore upon the organizer to settle down for what they require to avoid upsets in the event.

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