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4 Things You Should Know About Mice Infestation


Mice are extremely irritating and frustrating to get rid of. Those who have dealt with more than a dozen know there is no way to consistently clean homes without calling the best mice exterminators in Phoenix AZ company to fumigate every room.

The first couple of problems with mice are that they leave excrement everywhere during the night while you are sleeping. No one has the patience or time to stay awake at night and watch for these little critters.

Mice excrement is very unpleasant to clean up and if it isn’t bad enough, it may carry a deadly disease which is really something you should watch for if you have young children living at home.

Mice also constantly chew up wires, furniture, and sometimes, certain parts of the wall outlet which is extremely hazardous for anyone living there and may end up costing you even more to repair the damage.

So if there are only a few mice currently residing in your home, there is definitely hope for eliminating them once and for all without needing to call the exterminators.

However, the major problem with mice is the fact that they reproduce so quickly. If you let them have enough time eventually they will outnumber the traps you set and render them all useless piles of junk.

Is there any way we can get rid of these mice for now before they become an infestation?

The simplest suggestion involving mice extermination is to know your foe. The more you know about mouse patterns the more you understand how to keep them from bugging you.

Below are the benefits of using common mouse behavior against mice as a way to keep them away for good.

#1 Mice are often active during the night.

If you are thinking about exterminating mice on your own, then evenings will be the best time to find out where they’re lurking. You can always stay up and stalk them or you could set up a webcam if you are more technologically advanced.

You could just place traps in common areas similar to the kitchen and bathrooms. Well, that brings us to our next topic.

#2 Mice can be wary of new objects.

Setting up regular snap traps helps to catch a few mice though if you have an infestation it may get challenging because they can learn to ignore them.

Since mice will be cautious of new objects the best action to take, if you’re utilizing traps, is to not activate them and leave peanut butter on the surface so the mice conform to eating from the trigger.

After that, you just have to randomly set a few and you’ll be able to trap a lot more at the same time.

#3 Mice will be able to leap really high for their size

Mice have been known to leap nearly 10-13 inches. Which suggests steps and open cabinets are easy to access.

Exterminating mice is generally easier when you can force them to be in one area. For example, any cabinet low to the ground should be covered with something that is over 10-13 inches from the ground like a piece of fiberglass panel or sheet metal.

Any object with a slippery surface above 13 inches will do.

#4 Be wary of their destruction

Understanding the damage that mice can create is not going to prevent you from an infestation but it will help prevent even more damage. Electrical wires are one of the many favorite things mice like to nip on.

With many mice, the wiring may be chewed clean through. So any power cords from laptops or computers should be hidden.

After getting rid of all the mice it’s good practice to examine wire connections behind walls where the mice would frequent and at all times consult a specialist when mending any electrical damage.

Keep in mind that insulation behind the walls is usually all chewed up so you’ll be wanting to replace it when mice have been vacant for a while.

An important piece of advice: if you are going to use a professional mice exterminator, then it’s best to gather as much data possible about their location and frequency of sightings in order to find the best quote.

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