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5 Things That You Can Do With Python


Python is one of the most popular programming languages today mainly due to its versatility which enables it to solve many real-world problems competently. It has also been developed as a concise and easy to read language making it a preferred language by programmers. Despite its simplicity, it can be used for solving advanced problems in the real world. Here are five things that this incredibly powerful language can be utilized for.

#1 Data analysis

In the present world, data analytics is one of the hottest and highly sought-after skills in the IT industry. It’s also one of the highest paying. Python has proved itself to be an effective language for this task, dethroning the previously commonly used R language. Python is especially better for analyzing routine processes and data visualization. Python modules such as pandas, numpy and matplotlib are the most used modules for data analysis.

#2 Developing scientific applications

Python is widely used in the development of scientific and engineering software. Interestingly, whatever major scientific software that we use today, they are directly or indirectly engineered by python. These range from GIS software, Computer Aided Design software, graphic design and image processing applications. Python’s modular architecture and rich processing tools make it an ideal component in scientific applications. With some experience in python, you can begin developing these applications and solve some scientific problems out there.

#3 Games

Ever asked yourself the question, “what can you do with python?” Well, the most interesting thing is game development. Python has various modules and libraries dedicated to the development of both 2D and 3D games. The main modules used are PyGame and PySoy. With a little knowledge of python, you can make simple games such as battleship, before diving into the more complex video games. Examples of games built with python are Star Trek, Civilization and Disney’s Toontown.

#4 Web and Internet development

Python has been used to develop various web frameworks such as Django, Flask, CherryPy, and TurboGears. By studying these frameworks, you can learn various modules and libraries which simplify tasks related to content management, backend development and interfacing of internet protocols all of which are paramount in the way websites and web applications function. It can be used for Email processing and handling requests over the web. For instance, the Google search engine, Youtube, Instagram, Quora, and Reddit are popular web applications built with python.

#5 Building Enterprise and Business Applications

With python, you can also develop e-commerce and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Python is especially suitable for this due to its scalability, special libraries and easy to read syntax that is appropriate for business applications. This means that you can also be employed to maintain python code in some of the existing e-commerce platforms such as Amazon or eBay.

In conclusion, Python has numerous applications that cannot be exhausted in a few pages. It’s a dynamic language that can model real-world problems and solve them. The good news is that python is open-source and it works on cross-platform operating systems hence can be used by virtually anyone.

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