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What Should You Know Before Hiring Animation Video Production Experts


When it comes to hiring animation video production experts, you need to invest a lot of time and effort. Remember, the videos reflect your brand. So, a wrong decision can ruin your brand image.

But, how can you hire the right animation video production company?

Here are the things you should know before hiring one:


A portfolio helps you to see and get an idea of their quality of work. You can understand if their previous successful projects suit your brand requirements, and their work is combined with an engaging storyline.

Look at their animation as a professional and then see the flow of the video. Check the visuals appeal, audio clarity, voiceover quality, music sound level, and feel.

Total Number of Successful Projects

The higher the number of successful projects, the more an animation video production company satisfies your requirements. Evaluate their project completion rates to understand their efficacy.

The experience of animation video experts matters a lot. So, assess their relevant skills and expertise before hiring one. The wide variety of video collections reflects that a company is more experienced than the professionals who have made videos in the same genre.

Video Presentation

Before hiring an animation expert, you should know how they present videos. Whenever you make a video, it should build a connection between you and your viewers. To make your video as engaging as possible, it should be full of humor and lively characters.

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Watch some of their animated videos, and then decide if you find them interesting. If you can understand the message, the video has properly conveyed everything. It takes time to pay attention to every detail, but you need to do that to choose the right company.

Animation Style

An animated video should be full of eye-catching graphics. The drawings need to be – original, modern, and visually attractive. Check the consistency in their videos that should go well with the brand logo, colors, and website.

Then, you should find out how perfectly their animated videos show branding designs and character models. You can always select the animation style, either standard or custom, as per your requirements.

Demo Reel

A demo reel reflects the values of your company. So, you should ask for a demo reel to look for the quality of – animation, visuals, soundtrack, animation style, and camera movement.

Carefully watch the complicated scenes, colors used, scene compilation, and translations between shots. As many studios add collaborative projects on their reels, you should find their roles on such joint ventures. Ask the professionals to explain their contribution to every scene in the reel.

If they can’t explain their roles clearly, you should not hire them and look for another. Hire those animators whose demo reel consists of maximum shots from work they did fully by themselves.

Passion and Enthusiasm

Interact with professionals to understand if they are genuinely passionate or enthusiastic about their work. If they love making animated videos, you will get the desired results.

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Besides being passionate about work, an animation video production company should be proficient in what they do. If they are only money-oriented and talk most about money with you, they won’t make full efforts to animate your script and live up to your expectations.

When checking out their demo reel, you can understand to a large extent if they are enthusiastic about their work.

Voiceover Quality

Voiceover is a crucial element in an animated video. Ensure an animation video production company employs professional speakers for voiceovers who have a proper tone and accent. Moreover, they should be able to express all emotions.

Listen to the accent in their videos carefully. Speakers need to be fluent in a language. For instance, British and American pronunciations are different. So, if you want an animated video for an American audience, ensure the voiceover artists have complete command over the American accent.

Customer Service

Many animation studios make big promises but communicate the least with customers. A reputable animation video production company understands the clients’ vision. Before signing a contract, find out if they immediately respond to customer queries.

Clients Feedback

Check client’s feedback, ratings, reviews, and testimonials on their website and review platforms. If their previous customers’ opinions are positive, you can expect satisfactory performance from them.

A company doing well in the video animation marketplace won’t hesitate to share its client’s feedback with you.

Bottom Line

The availability of many companies makes it quite confusing to choose the right option. Thus, you should know and keep in mind the things mentioned above to hire the best animation video production company suited to your requirements.

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