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Things You Need to Know Before Getting a PMP Training


Taking active steps to advance one’s career is very important in today’s day and age. Due to the tough competition, getting satisfactory jobs can become difficult, even if one has extraordinary academic qualifications. Additional industrial training courses can be a great way to help boost the career. There are many such courses available nowadays which are offered by different companies for strengthening various skills. Courses that strengthen leadership skills help in getting some of the best jobs in the market. Companies are constantly looking for people with the proper qualifications and training to lead projects. One such course is the Project Management Professional training. To completely understand if PMP training will suit your needs, you need to know what it entails. We can help you with that!

What is Project Management Professional?

Project Management Professional is an industry-recognized and internationally valid certification offered by Project Management Institute. It is a professional designation whose training provides people with the education, experience, competency, and skill required to lead projects as well as design them. It uses various approaches like hybrid, productive, and agile so that people can become great project managers. Organizations are constantly looking for candidates who can perform better and smarter under pressure and are also great at managing a team. The PMP training professionally trains one to become exactly that.

The PMP training course

Many different e-learning sites provide a PMP training course. It is very easy to find PMP training online and the criteria for a PMP certification are also quite simple. A nongraduate would need 5 years or 7500 hours of Project Management Experience and 35 hours of Project Management Education. A graduate requires to have 3 years or 4500 hours of Project Management Experience and 35 hours of Project Management Education. During an online PMP training, you will be made to participate in team-based exercises and activities, solve practical case studies. You will also be given mock tests that will prepare you for the PMP examination, practical and theoretical learning based on PMI, etc. This course will make sure that you are completely ready for your exam.

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The PMP certification examination

The next and final step of getting a PMP certification is to sit for the PMP examination. PMI has declared in the past that if one is able to solve 61% of their 200 questions, they pass. However, it also depends on the difficulty of the questions attempted by each candidate. This is exam has an intermediate difficulty but it is achievable. If you have properly solved all the mock tests, heard lectures in your PMP training online course, and studied and worked hard over it, one can easily crack this exam. If you have a proper PMP training program, you will probably not be worried about not passing the test. Still, PMI lets one take the exam thrice in a year. So you have multiple opportunities to pass the exam.

A person with PMP training can land great jobs in different job sectors like IT, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, etc.

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