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5 Things You Should Know About Video Games


The year 2018 has so far promised to be a very interesting year with the number of thrilling games which have been released. The year is almost halfway through and there is so much which is going on in the gaming world. This is, of course regarding the changes in the games which are in the pipeline to be released and those which are already for sale on the market. Here is what you need to know about video games in 2018.

New Video Games

Avid gamers know beforehand the games which they should anticipate for as the year starts. The year 2018 has not disappointed. This is because we have seen huge titles being released on the market. There are very many new titles which have been added to the rising number of games, and each new title is more intriguing than the previous. Some of the top addition for this year which is already causing a buzz in the gaming world include Wreckfest, Florence, into the Breach and many others.

Franchise Games

The year 2018 has also seen a number of franchise games. These are the games which are a continuing story and are released year after year. The year 2018 has seen the major renowned franchise maker reinvest themselves. This is because their newest additions to the gaming franchise have been bigger and better. Some of the best franchise games we have so far included; red Dead redemption 2, Far Cry 5, the Crew, Call of Duty 4 and many more

Most Anticipated Games

The year 2018 has also given gamers the hope and the burning anticipation of the games to be released later in the year. The gamers market now has very many gamers which have been hyped and are anticipated to be a hit once they are released. These games include a Way out, Monster Hunter: World, Sea of Thieves, Octopath Traveler, Code Vein and many more which have gamers constantly confirming the exact dates when they will be released.

Browser games

The next thing which has significantly increased for the year 2018 is the browser games. Many gamers have changed their tactics, and instead of releasing games which are stand-alone application they are now releasing games which can be played in browsers. One of such games is Dota 2 gambling. This is one of the most addictive games of 2018 which has captivated gamers.

Advanced Graphics

Every year there are major improvements in the games which are released in the market. This year the game developer seems to have outdone themselves when it comes to graphics. Most of the games even the low budget have gone all the way out in incorporating some of the most advanced graphics. This has created more satisfying games which are more realistic than never before. The advanced graphics have been translated not only to a single platform but all platforms.

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