4 Things You Should Know About A Private Gaming Server

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things to know about private gaming server

Gaming servers are a popular choice for many video gamers when it comes to hosting tournaments, playing reworked versions of their favorite games, and emulating a private playing environment. While traditional gaming servers are great for connecting multiple players in a similar version of a game world, the capabilities of these servers are limited and the scalability and reliability are common problems attached to them.

Using a private gaming server is a great option that you can consider if you are in need of hardware and other resources that are customized to your needs. With a private gaming server, you can run a whole different version of a video game of your interest, invite other players, and enjoy the game without a hitch. Check out the four important things that you should know about a private gaming server below.

1. Private gaming servers are built for different purposes.

First things first, you should clearly define what your goals and objectives are. Your private gaming server’s design should be based on the nature of the game and the estimated number of players that you will be expecting. Private gaming servers can be resource-intensive if you are planning to host a massive multiplayer game with premium graphics and high software and hardware requirements. However, it’s a good idea to host a server if your purpose is just to improve the game’s performance so you can play with a couple of friends. A game like Killing Floor 2, for instance, doesn’t have enough servers to guarantee a lag-free experience. In this case, you can host a KF2 server for a smoother gameplay.

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2. Like any other types of servers, you can choose which operating system to use.

Linux and Windows are two of the most common operating systems used for private gaming servers. Windows is easier to install and less complicated to use but Linux has several advantages that make it a more popular choice over other operating systems for servers. It has a wide range of online support, it has useful tools that can help you debug the program accurately, and the costs and resource requirements are generally less than that of Windows.

A typical mid-range game with around 50 players will require you to have at least a quad-core processor with 2.5GHz rate, a 24GB RAM, and a 128GB solid state drive storage. But if you are expecting a hundred players or more, you might need to power up your hardware and bandwidth to accommodate more players.

Setting up a home-based server can be stressful and expensive to maintain. That is why it is important that you explore other viable options such as choosing hosted gaming servers. Find a game server that does not only understand your needs but also has a good track record to show their clients. Hosted private gaming servers are made to deliver the right services that you need and to help you save a lot of money in the long run.

4. Integrating anti-cheating mechanisms is a standard for private gaming servers.

Even notorious game cheaters are finding ways to spoil the fun in private gaming servers. But don’t let them succeed with what they want and take the first step to get ahead of them. Make sure that you are using the right anti-cheat programs and that your server is safe and secure from cyber-attacks.

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