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5 Things To Consider When Building A Sports Complex


A sports complex is among the most vulnerable pieces of construction to a severe weather incident. The design and planning of a baseball stadium, soccer field, tennis court or other outside arena must be aware of the potential for bad weather. One excellent idea is a lightning detection system for sports fields, which can protect players and the audience from the lethal effects of lightning. At Earth Networks, we can help you manage the perils of severe weather with a variety of valuable tools.

Total Lightning Network

We offer state-of-the-art lightning detection technology, powered by over 1,800 sensors in fifty countries. This finely-tuned monitoring system, of both in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning enables us to generate accurate and fast local storm alerts. Our network of live weather stations further improves forecasts.

Outdoor Alerting System

An automated alert system gives a facilities manager peace of mind as it sets off both a high decibel alarm system and high-powered strobe signals when bad weather is approaching. Alerts can be sent via email or texts to managers.

Weather Maps


Detailed weather maps can aid in the design and planning of a sports complex in a variety of ways. By providing historical information of local weather patterns, Sferic maps offer many benefits, including:

  • A history of lightning storms
  • Frequency of tornadoes or hurricanes
  • Likelihood of floods
  • Information on seasonal weather

Weather Analytics

A comprehensive understanding of weather patterns can help a facilities manager or architect decide if installing a lightning detection system for sports fields makes sense in a given area. At Earth Networks, our professionals derive insights from studying weather data.

Weather Tracking

If a sports complex is located in an active zone for severe weather, the accurate tracking of hurricanes or other damaging storms makes sense. Rapid information relayed to managers can save lives.

If you are considering a lightning detection system for sports fields, call Earth Networks at 877-882-1397. You can also contact us at our website.

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