Things to Before Buying a Smart Home Router to Manage Devices

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In today’s world, every place you go, the Wi-Fi follows you better than your shadow. All places, including companies, offices, banks, educational spaces, and other social areas, have a router in hand. More than half the global population is connected to the internet, roughly 4.13 billion as of 2019. This will not even be surprising as now every little aspect has gone online.

This is because the internet has become a basic need without which lives can come to a standstill.

No one can say no to a smart router in this day and age. From connecting to your computer to sharing files and streaming media, smart routers like HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro allows you to experience Wi-Fi technology at its best.

If you don’t have one yet and are planning to invest in one soon, here are some things you should consider beforehand.

Standards Matter

One of the first things to consider when it comes to choosing a smart home router is the wireless standard that is being used. If you take very early routers, they used IEEE802.11a or 802.11b. With the developments you are witnessing, there has been a significant change in these numbers.

Only the latest standards will have the means to support many devices and last for many years. Like in HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro, which comes with the latest standards, 802.11ac/a/n and 802.11b/g/n can support even Gigabit speeds much faster than the 600MBps limit.

Check the Speed Specifications

Every manufacturer you turn to will promise the smart router will support the latest top speed 802.11 standards. But when it comes to reality, you will rarely see or experience the speed, as honestly, such unrelenting performance can be observed only in the laboratory setup.

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When it comes to your home, interferences, multiple users, signal attenuation due to walls or other barriers, and plenty of other real-life practical problems can reduce the speed. But you need not worry about this; usually, the speeds are generally quoted above what is required.

Smart routers today can manage multiple devices at the same time and stream high-quality videos.

The Wi-Fi Bands

As you can see in HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro, it has both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands, and these are the prominent Wi-Fi bands out there and the ones you should consider when selecting a smart router. Like CPE Pro, routers nowadays can use either band, and they are aptly called dual-band Wi-Fi routers.

CPE Pro is a prime example of this. It offers a dual-band auto-selection set up, where the radios can establish separate wireless networks, one for each band, mainly to improve the speed when there are many users.

It helps enable optimum speed by apportioning the users on each band. Dual-band smart routers give the best performance by selecting the best band.

Look For Routers with MU-MIMO

Many new smart routers like HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro offer a new facility called MU-MIMO. Routers that have this facility will have the ability to deliver higher-speed data.

Even when many people use the same network to connect to video services, MU-MIMO comes in handy and offers a good advantage in the form of high-speed data.

Router Antennas

Generally, the antenna is an essential element that you should consider when it comes to any wireless item. And the same goes for smart home routers as well. When you compare routers, you will notice that some routers will have antennas protruding from the case, usually on the top.

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Other routers will have internal antennas, and they will look more elegant. Most of the smart routers come with a balance of looks and coverage. So, even an elegant looking router can provide the adequate coverage that you need. Consider this option closely before buying a smart router.


Nowadays, every time you read the news, you will learn about a new hacker on the prowl. So security is an essential aspect that you should consider when buying a smart home router. Wireless networks are said to be or rather can be very weak and insecure in terms of security.

Just as how convenient they are, they are insecure to the same level. While selecting a router, ensure that it at least uses WPA2. But reputable manufacturers are aware of the importance of security, and their routers are designed keeping this in mind with enterprise or advanced family security.

Finding the right router can literally change your work, personal and social life in this society. As the world is progressing more towards virtual presence and development, you must stay on the same page and stay updated. So keep these things in mind and choose the right router for you and your whole family too.

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