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7 Things To Avoid When Making Money Online


Making money online has become the in-thing among many entrepreneurs and those looking to simply make money on the side. However, making money online also comes with its own rules. For you to make it you have to avoid certain things and they are as follows:

#1 Steer Clear of Scammy Sites

It is best to avoid scammy sites and you might wonder how to identify one. You will know a scammy site if it is too flashy and sells the “get rich quick” idea. Making money online is a process and you cannot become an overnight millionaire. If the site is promising you dollars in your account with the shortest time, you should be wary. Normally the process takes time and you will need to work hard to earn just like any other traditional gig.

#2 Never Sign up with sites that ask you to pay

Money making platforms that as you to make a payment to use their services should be a warning bell. Many legitimate money making sites are free. All you need to do is sign up and give a little basic information about yourself and you are good to go. Never pay to use any money-making platform even if it seems real because most likely it is not. After all, you are there to make money not spend it.

#3 Avoid Platforms That Ask you for credit information

Money making platforms that ask you for credit information to pay you are most likely a scam. In most cases, such sites ask you for this information to steal from you. If you give your financial information, you might find yourself without money in your account because they don’t need much to milk you dry. Protect yourself by never submitting any financial data to such sites. Genuine sites pay through PayPal or other reliable electronic means therefore do not be deceived. High Risk Pay merchant account and credit card solutions is another way to manage your money.

#4 Don’t Risk Using Platforms That haven’t been tried yet.

Consider existing websites when considering your online money making options. That should apply for both active and passive income methods. If you have no clue sites such as The Money Pig can offer you valuable information on where to begin your journey of making money online. You will learn of the tried and tested methods along with useful tips to make your efforts rewarding. You will know the best active and passive online methods of earning money and make an informed choice in the end. Still, you can do further research and find out the genuine platforms that have truly offered people opportunities to make money online. A few existing platforms that will help are as follows:

For more than a decade now, this site has been a great option for people who would love to make an extra buck online. On this site, you can sell your used things, rent out your spare room or offer any kind of services that you are good at to anyone who needs them. It is a tried and tested platform that has worked for millions of people.

  • Upwork

This is a platform which is a marketplace for selling various kinds of professional services. It is a platform that is simple to use and does not require a merchant account for you to use it. All you need is the ability to provide high-quality service and the services sought after on this platform are diverse and range from editing, data entry and blogging to graphic design, internet marketing and ghostwriting. Millions are making impressive incomes through this site.

This platform was created back in 2010 and since then it has been an income earner for many. It offers money-making opportunities for as low as $5 but promises more with upgrades and add-ons.

If you have a natural talent for photography then you can take good photos and sell them in the above leading photography platforms. This site offers a great opportunity for passive income but for it to work effectively, you will also need to have some design software skills to help make you’re your work better.

#5 Focus On Passive Income and not active income only

The idea of regular earnings from a source rather than an employer or contractor is appealing. When you begin your money-making journey it is advisable to devote most of your time to passive income. This will enable you to slowly build up your earnings and eventually you will be making a steady income with little effort. Consider things such as affiliate marketing, writing an eBook and selling it online, selling stock photos, investment accounts, matched betting and so on. Keep in mind that the “one size fits all” advice on this doesn’t exist when it comes to creating income streams. The number of income sources you have should depend on your financial status. Having several at the beginning is a great start and always remember that when you have multiple lines in the water, you will catch more fish.

#6 Never Ignore Research

Keep looking for more ways to make money online because every day new ways are invented. You don’t have to rely on one method only. The more options you have the more income you will get. Keep researching and finding out new things because the internet is a great well of information and opportunities which you need to take advantage of.

#7 Avoid A Negative Attitude

Like with all things, you can’t go into the online money making venture with the wrong attitude. Maintain a clear head and a lot of positive attitude. With a positive attitude, you will approach opportunities that will favor you. All your efforts are bound to work and even as you interact with potential online clients they can always tell when you are optimistic and when they do, they will trust you and pay you to offer the service. Besides with a positive attitude you are bound to make the best income decisions. Keep a positive attitude at all times.

There you have them, the things to avoid when making money online. These pointers should inspire you to begin your journey of money making today.

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